Victory's First Officer's Log

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First Officer's Log - USS Victory

Stardate 238308.29

First Officer's Log, Stardate 238308.29, Lt. Commander Paul Diamond Reporting.

With the Victory docked at Starbase 118, and repairs being supervised by Lt. Hunnicutt, I gave the crew leave to relax on the station until further notice.

End Log

Stardate 238308.27

First Officer's Log, Stardate 238308.27, Lt. Commander Paul Diamond Reporting.

Admiral Decilla paid us a visit in Sickbay, quicker than we expected, before we were able to remove a “patient” from the CMO’s office. Thanks to the quickness of Lt. Commander Stone whom removed the patient without being seen, the Admiral was ushered into the office and laid out her concerns about the Captain to Lt. Commander harden and myself. After assuring the admiral what was said would stay between us, she left the ship with the promise of returning soon.

End Log

Stardate 238308.16

First Officer's Log, Stardate 238308.16, Lt. Commander Paul Diamond Reporting.

After meeting with Dr. Harden, taking a few tests and talking to her (dinner and drinks), Dr. Harden had returned Diamond to active duty. They both went to Sickbay to inform the Captain, who was still being treated for her transporter accident, only to hear from Admiral Decilla and her impending visit to the Victory after they docked.

End Log

Stardate 238308.09

First Officer's Log, Stardate 238308.09, Lt. Commander Paul Diamond Reporting.

Ship is well on its way to being repaired thanks to the efferts of the crew under the guidence of Lt. Commander Cura Stone and is enroute to Starbase 118. Captain Robin Phoenix has elected to remain in Sickbay during the course of her treatments instead of returning to her personal quarters. Lt. Commander Julia Harden will be meeting with myself in my personal quarters to discuss the Captain's treatment over dinner.


Stardate 238307.30

First Officer’s Log; Stardate 238307.30; Lt. Commander Paul Diamond Reporting;

After surrendering to Lt. Commander Cura Stone and Lt. Jacen Fanel, Lt. Commander Paul Diamond was taken to Sickbay where a miniaturized Captain Robin Phoenix deemed the Commander fit for duty. Lt. Commander Diamond went back to the bridge to access the damage and repairs. After setting event’s in motion, he turned command over to Lt. Commander Stone, left for Sickbay where Chief Medical Officer, Lt. Commander Julia Harden, removed both Captain Phoenix and Lt. Commander Diamond from active duty for medical and psychological reason.


Stardate 238307.09

First Officer’s Log; Stardate 238307.09; Lt. Commander Paul Diamond Reporting;

Ship was still suffering from malfunction’s that were affecting almost every major system. No word from the bridge, communications must still be out; Lt. Commander Cura Stone and Lt. Jacen Fanel were still tracking Lt. Commander Paul Diamond was, as they thought, was still suffering from the concussion that gave his alter-ego Sniper control. They did not know but, Lt. Commander Diamond had re-gained control of his senses and is waiting for them in Holo-deck 2 where Lt. Fanel had laid a trap for him.


Stardate 238306.01

First Officer’s Log; Stardate 238306.01; Lt. Commander Paul Diamond Reporting;

The Victory began to experience ship wide malfunctions; teams were developed to accomplish different tasks. Lt. Commander Harden, Lt. Proud and Mr. Overmont followed the gel-pack hypotheses; Lt. Hunnicutt, Lt. Wadham to Engineering to see if there is a way to safeguard the engines from whatever is happening while Lt. Commander Stone, Lt. Fanel and Lt. Commander Diamond searched for the cause of the malfunctions. Lt Ventu and Lt. Brooks stayed with the Captain on the bridge.


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