Battle of Gamma Camelopardalis

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Battle of Gamma Camelopardalis
Gamma Camelopardalis system
Federation/Tholian victory
United Federation of Planets Sentinel
Commanders and Leaders
Captain Roshanara Rahman
  • Commander Newton Wynter
  • Admiral Vamuwene
Units Involved
Starfleet Sentinel Salvaged Fleet
2 medium cruisers
  • 1 battleship
2 medium cruisers
  • 1 escort
  • Various Tholian ships
Casualties and Losses
1 medium cruiser captured
  • 1 battleship destroyed
Control center in Gamma Camelopardalis destroyed
  • 1 medium cruiser destroyed
  • 1 escort destroyed
  • Various other ships destroyed

The Battle of Gamma Camelopardalis was a major engagement in 2396 between the USS Veritas and an armada of salvaged starships assembled by the advanced Menthar AI known as Sentinel.

Ships involved

United Federation of Planets & Tholian Assembly

  • USS Veritas
  • USS Solaris (initially)
    • CO: Commander Newton Wynter
    • Fate: Destroyed and then salvaged by Sentinel, recovered after the battle and returned to Starfleet service
  • T’kath Tholis
    • CO: Admiral Vamuwene
    • Fate: Destroyed


Course of the battle

In 2396, Sentinel was activated in the Gamma Camelopardalis system in the wake of Astrofori One's destruction by the Tholians at the Battle of Astrofori One. It salvaged the previously destroyed USS Minerva and USS Stalwart and attacked the hundreds of Tholian ships that had remained in the system, further adding them to its arsenal. Sentinel also created a field of tetryon radiation that enveloped the entire system, disabling warp travel and preventing large starships such as the Sovereign class USS Pioneer from Task Force 105 from entering.

Due to its extensive experience operating in a region of tetryon radiation, the USS Veritas was dispatched by Starfleet along with USS Solaris to investigate the sudden disappearance of Tholian signals from the system and soon encountered Sentinel. After losing the Solaris in an early skirmish, the Veritas crew with the help of Tholian survivors were able to locate Sentinel's control facility and destroyed it by capturing Minerva in a graviton field and launching it into the planet's surface like a missile. With its control center destroyed, Sentinel's activities in the Gamma Camelopardalis system ceased.


  • Federation/Tholian victory
  • Sentinel's control center in Gamma Camelopardalis destroyed

Sims depicting parts of the battle

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