Imperial Sectors

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A sector is an economic and political division which originated in the early days of the Valcarian Republic. Originally a cluster of star systems with approximately 20 inhabited planets, the definition of a sector became vague and the average sector grew in size during the latter days of the Republic Directorate. Now unimaginably large sectors contain vast numbers of inhabited worlds with no regard to limiting factors. Sectors are governed by Grand Governors.

Sectors are grouped together into larger territorial entities called regions. The Empire has countless regions, which can contain from as few as three to upwards of dozens of sectors. The establishment of a region depends not only upon galactic geography, but also upon wealth, influence, historical "sentimentalities", economic diversity and the level of directional control exerted by the Empire. Regions are governed by Regional Governors.

Under the new order, the Valcarian Empire continues to grow and expand, and new sectors and regions are being formed all the time.

The Empire also maintains a number of "client states" - regions of space almost entirely controlled by another economic or political entity, yet ultimately loyal or subservient to the Empire. The Corporate Sector, under the control of the Corporate Sector Association, is one such client state, as is the area of space known as the Par'tha Expanse.