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Utharine Artifice

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Utharine Artifice, based on Vaedan, produces a stunning array of rolf lines and AI neurobrains. Utharine Artifice was once based on the planet Utharine in the Valcarian Imperial Republic, along with its sister company Etharine Artifice. Both companies left eleven years ago, when an aggressive new governor began nationalizing high tech businesses in the sector, ostensibly to "protect" them from anti-Empire terrorists.

Utharine opted to settle in the Par'tha Expanse as a client company of House Rettaan, while Etharine went on to set up shop on the Core world Lirassan. Ironically, against all expectations, today it is Etharine which has been taken over, not Utharine. While Utharine continues to enjoy autonomy, Etharine is now but a subsidiary of Myrakin Corp.

Utharine recently lost a key manufacturing plant in a mysterious explosion, which has all but shut down its production of security rolfs for at least a year. It is whispered that House Barahn was behind the strike, since it is widely known that rival houses Rettaan and Kerraron were the principal contractors for the new rolf design.