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Lirassan is a populated terrestrial world located on the Eldor Trade Route in the Lirassuus system in the Uarissa Sector, part of the Tandora Shell Cluster. It is the endpoint of the Lirassan-Gaelys Hyperroute. The planet boasts urban sprawls with the underdeveloped areas filled with bamboo forests.

It is near the Tandora Nebula and shares the sun Lirassuus with Solassan, Bolassan, and Galassan.


Originally a colony of Valcaria, Lirassan was a Core World with a mostly Valcarian population with a few "aliens". This planet was founded when Valcaria sent out sleeper ships to colonize distant worlds. These sleeper ships ended up throughout the galaxy, in locations such as Lirassan, Aernys, Pranthe, and many others.

The planet is known for its renithor races. It is the heaquarters of Utharine Artifice, Ltd., Yarua Computers, and others. Ard'is Fleet Systems developed part of the S.I.R.C. project at the Ard'is Advanced Research Division on Lirassan.

After the Emperor took over, the planet's population has been extremely loyal to Altharra and its behavior is pointed out as model Imperial behavior. The capital city of Seildor is also home to the Lirassan Academy, an Imperial military academy. It is also home to numerous prisons which hold enemies of the Empire.