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Voyage I

Vice Admiral Hollis Calley - Ursa Major (Sovereign Class)

USS Ursa Major Sovereign Class Shake Down Cruise

Vice Admiral Hollis takes command of the USS Ursa Major after her shakedown cruise and redirects her to Starbase 118 where the crew of the USS Aurora are being interrogated for their involvement in the incapacitation of Captain Parker. After the death of Captain Parker, it is discovered that neural parasites are the cause. The crew is exonerated from responsibility and is transferred to the USS Ursa Major.

NOTE: Captain Parker was found to be alive and retired in Naul, Ireland in 2389 though suffering from extreme PTSD.She has lost all memory of her time in Starfleet.

Mission: The Rift (238301.15 - 238303.12 )

Survey of the Ithassa Region (238304.18 - Present)

The Ursa Major debarks from DS 17 on a course to explore the Ithassa Region.

Bungh Kho

The Plague (2384)

Unknown Plague strikes DS17. Ursa Major assists in bringing down the threat.