The Rift (Ursa Major)

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Mission: The Rift (238301.15 - 238303.12 )

The USS Ursa Major is dispatched to a Rift previously encountered by the USS Kodiak. Probes are dispatched to get a closer look at the Rift.

The crew makes contact with a Higarel which demands help for a species called the Betians. After some discussion a shuttle is dispatched carrying 'Pandora' an extremely powerful explosive device capable of sealing the Rift should the situation spin out of control. Once the Shuttle is away the Higarel sensing that it's demands for help are being ignored attempts to draw the Ursa Major into its self by increasing it's gravity well. The Ursa Major increases power to it's engines attempting to maintain it's position. The Higarel forces the issue by taking control of a young child for the purpose of direct communication with the CO of the Ursa Major.

Admiral Hollis manages to convince the Higarel-Child that it's interests would be better served if it chose to inhabit Commander Solan rather than the child. The Higarel agrees and transfers it's consciousness to Commander Solan. Once in possession of Commander Solans body, Admiral Hollis negotiates the release of the Ursa Major, and agrees to have a shuttle dispatched for the Betian delegation to meet him at Starbase 17.

The Ursa Major Continues to Deep Space 17.