Ursa Major Deck Layout

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Following is the current deck layout for the Ursa Major.

  1. Deck One: Main Bridge, Captain's Office, Situation Room, Life Pods
  2. Deck Two: Stellar Cartography, Astronomy Labs, Communication Hardware
  3. Deck Three: Senior Officers Quarter, Captain's Quarters, Officer's Lounge, Operation Offices, Life Pods
  4. Deck Four: Forward Small Shuttle Bay (1 Wave Rider, 2 Pods) , Transporter Room I (12 person), Security/Armory/Brig, Conference Room, Holo Deck 1
  5. Deck Five: Junior Officer's Quarters, Gym, Multi-purpose room, Life Pods
  6. Deck Six: Computer Core, Library, Sciences Labs, Cargo Holds A - G
  7. Deck Seven: Computer Core, Surgery Suites 1-3, Quarantine, Decontamination Chamber, Diagnostic Labs, Transporter Room II (6 person), Surgical Recovery Rooms, Surgery Waiting Room
  8. Deck Eight: Computer Core, Medical Bay, 65 bed recovery area, Clinic, Doctor Offices, Counseling Suite, Life Science Labs, Life Pods
  9. Deck Nine: Family Deck, Crew Quarters, Café, Day Care/School, Life Pods
  10. Deck Ten: Entertainment Deck, Ship Lounge, Holo Decks II-V, Game Room, Cargo Hold H
  11. Deck Eleven: Diplomatic Deck, VIP Suites, Transporter Room II (6 person), Diplomatic Conference Rooms, Formal Dining Room.
  12. Deck Twelve: Crew Quarters, Life Pods, common mess, Sensors, Navigational Deflector
  13. Deck Thirteen: Crew Quarters, Secondary purpose Evacuation and Marine Transport (A level), Navigational Deflector
  14. Deck Fourteen: Crew Quarters, Secondary purpose Evacuation and Marine Transport (B level), Navigational Deflector
  15. Deck Fifteen: Phaser Arrays 1-12, Targeting and Firing Control, Deuterium Storage
  16. Deck Sixteen: Engineering Deck, Warp Core, Secondary Bridge, Life Pods, Life Pods
  17. Deck Seventeen: Main Engineering Deck, Warp Corp, Transporter Room III (4 person), Life Pods
  18. Deck Eighteen: Fabrication Deck, Shuttle Repair, Main Deflector
  19. Deck Nineteen: Aft Shuttle Bay, Tractor Beam, Probe launcher, Sensors
  20. Deck Twenty: Weapons Deck - Torpedo launchers 1-3, Torpedo Magazine
  21. Deck Twenty One: Anti Matter reactant generator, Storage Pods
  22. Deck Twenty Two: Anti Matter reactant generator, Storage Pods
  23. Deck Twenty Three Cargo Holds I-O
  24. Deck Twenty Four: Cargo Holds Q-S, Cargo Transporter