Craft assigned to USS Ursa Major

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The USS Ursa Major is equipped with several embark craft.

Captains Yacht

Sovereign-class yacht

The Ursa Major's captain's yacht, is a large auxiliary craft which docks on the ventral side of the saucer section, directly opposite the bridge, and immediately below the saucer torpedo launcher. When connected to the Ursa Major, only the bottom side of the yacht is exposed to space; the top of the craft was concealed by the Ursa Major and the warp nacelles are folded against the hull. Upon launch, the captains yachts nacelles fold downward the ship drops away from the hull. At 33.53 meters in length, the Captains Yacht is much larger than a standard shuttlecraft.

The Captains Yacht has a cockpit, a small transporter, cargo area, and a docking port which makes a direct connection to the Ursa Major. It is capable of atmospheric flight and landing on a planetary surfaces. Only one pilot is needed to fly the Captains Yacht.

Shuttle Craft

Type 11 shuttle craft

The Ursa Major is equipped with four type 11 shuttle craft. These state of the art shuttlecraft were designed specifically for use in Sovereign Class starship. The ships are designed to be highly versatile and are capable of latching on to other federation craft.

Worker Bee

Worker Bee craft

The Ursa Major has been equipped with six Worker Bee type maintenance craft. One of the most useful and long lasting designs in Starfleet history, the work bee was first fielded in the late 2260's in order to replace several previous craft of similar type. The major feature of the work bee is the highly modular nature of the design. The initial requirement called for virtually every system on board to be designed as a modular unit which could be disconnected, removed and replaced with great ease. The work bee is simplicity itself to maintain; minor parts can be swapped out literally in seconds, while even major systems such as the micro-fusion power core can be replaced in under ten minutes, and even the hull can be broken up into four sections. This has given these bees one of the highest serviceability ratings in Starfleet history, with an average availability of 99.97%.

The modular approach has also made the work bee extremely easy to upgrade - all updated systems have been designed to fit the same physical requirements, so it is literally a matter of pulling an old component out and putting the improved one in place. No component swap requires more than three persons, and typically the total maintenance work required by the bees is so low that a three person crew can perform all routine maintenance on a group of fifteen bees.

Other Embark Craft

  • 2 Sphinx type utility craft
  • 8 Shuttlepods