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Divisions and Personnel Assignments

Command Division, Starfleet uniform circa 2390s

The Command Division comprises the commanding officer and associated staff of a starship or station. These are the officers who serve as leaders for the rest of their crews. Many start within one of the other divisions before working their way up to command, but all undergo intensive training before they don the red collar.

Command Staff

Icons command.png Commanding Officer

The Commanding Officer (addressed by the crew as the Captain regardless of his or her actual rank) is ultimately responsible for the ship and the safety of all on board. The Commanding Officer is also accountable for the actions of the ship, including the actions of all crew under the captain's command, and is responsible for any and all results that occur because of these actions.

The Commanding Officer must ensure that the ship and its crew adhere to Starfleet regulations at all times. The Commanding Officer has ultimate command of the ship and all crew on board are answerable to him/her.

Notes: The Commanding Officer can override any orders entered into the computer by any officer on the bridge, using the command computer terminal on the command chair. When any other officer is in command of the bridge this function is unavailable.

Icons tactical.png First Officer

Aboard a starship the First Officer is the second-in-command, just below the captain. On a Federation starship, the first officer had the following functions:

  • Act as a conduit between the crew and the captain;
  • The principal adviser to the captain;
  • Implementer of the captain's orders;
  • Preparation and issue of duty rosters;
  • Commander of the vessel in the event of the captain's absence, incapacitation or death;
  • Work with the chief medical officer or counselor on crew evaluations.

In Starfleet, the position was usually held by an officer with the rank of commander or lieutenant commander. The position was also referred to as executive officer (or XO).

Icons tactical.png Second Officer

The Second Officer is third in command of the vessel. He/she may also be required to authorise some commands. e.g. self-destruct requires the consent of the Captain, First Officer and Second Officer. Many second officers remain department heads within another division such as Operations or Sciences while they hold the position.

Icons tactical.png Duty Officer

  • Main Responsibility: To man any major bridge station that has been vacated (e.g. for an away mission)
  • Other Responsibilities: To assist short-staffed departments.

The Duty Officer is trained in basic Helm/Comm/Ops work and can also do basic engineering. He/she also has focused training in Tactical/Security. Usually the Duty Officer is also specialised in one field.

Mission Specialist

Icons tactical.png Mission Specialist

Main article: Mission Specialist

The main duty of the Mission Specialist is to make him or herself an expert in the current mission. A combination of a science officer and a tactical officer, the Mission Specialist researches the mission, briefs senior staff and helps come up with strategy to implement the mission. On occasion, an officer will be sent to a starship as a Mission Specialist because he or she is already an expert in a field that is relevant to the ship's mission to augment the crew and provide his or her expertise.

Starfleet Intelligence

Icons intel.png Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Officers provide vital information gathered through the extensive resources of Starfleet Intelligence to ensure that commanding officers and their crews in the field have the latest data to face not only threats to the Federation but also new alien species, civilizations, and phenomena.

Main article: Intelligence (Duty Post)

  • Main Responsibility: To gather intelligence preferably by non-violent methods that work toward the a goal. An Intelligence Operator is under the direct supervision of his or her CO, but may take ancillary orders from SFI. These orders are not to conflict with the CO's directives, nor jeopardize the mission or crew in any way.
  • Other Responsibilities: Must be prepared and have knowledge in all other duty posts. May not be proficient, but should have some basics. Should assist short-staffed departments.

Notes: The Operator should be sure to utilize the BLACKNET forums for official report filings and exchange of information.

Special Operations

Icons intel.png Special Operations Officer

Special Operations Officer The main duty of Special Operations (Special-Ops) is to provide advanced support to major Starfleet installations to ensure the success of all operations. Starfleet Special Operations officers are drawn from a variety of backgrounds in Starfleet and occasionally fall under Starfleet Intelligence. Special Operations Officers undergo ongoing training and education to ensure that their installation has access to the latest and most advanced information, technology, and tactics.

  • Main Responsibilities: To coordinate and conduct research, development and testing of new technology, provide advanced education and training to senior staff, and provide advanced support to Starfleet operations.
  • Other Responsibilities: To assist indigenous people with training to defend themselves and act as a force multiplier, provide counter-terrorist and insurgency measures, and coordinate activities to test ground force readiness and installation security.

Strategic Operations

Icons tactical.png Strategic Operations Officer

The main duty of Strategic Operations (Strat-ops) is preparing for the outbreak of conflict. This requires the officer to coordinate and act as a liaison between Starfleet Security, the Starfleet Marine Corps, and any other departments requested by the Commanding Officer. Strategic Operations is responsible for reviewing strategic and tactical data, handling logistical matters and overseeing fleet deployments.

Federation Diplomatic Corps

Icons other.png Diplomatic Officer

Main article: Diplomat Simming Guide

  • Main Responsibility: Serve as representatives of the United Federation of Planets.

The Federation Diplomatic Corps is an agency of the United Federation of Planets comprised of ambassadors, envoys, and other diplomats who negotiate on behalf of the Federation. While many members of the Diplomatic Corps are not members of Starfleet, officers can and do hold positions within the Corps.

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