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The Rigelian Assembly is an interplanetary state of species located in the Rigel system. Though different and often transplanted, species located in the Rigel system are simply considered ‘Rigelians’, denoting their unification as a people.


  • Major Species: Rigelians, Jelna, Chelon, Orions
  • Location: Beta Quadrant
  • Area: Rigel system
  • Population: At least 31 billion
  • Worlds: 5+ inhabited worlds in the Rigel system
  • Sovereignty:
  • Capital: Rigel V
  • Government: Office of government, Rigelian Assembly
  • Chief of State:
  • Head of Government:
  • Legislature:
  • Military:
  • Currency:
  • Language: Rigelian

There are member colonies from the following species;

It should be noted that despite their obvious biological differences, all species that join the Rigelian Assembly adopt the name “Rigelian”. However, for biological identification, be it for medical reasons or otherwise, they may occasionally be referred to by their individual species. This may cause confusion for those not within the Assembly. The only exception to this seems to be the Orions, whom have made such a reputation of themselves that few attribute them to the Assembly.

Despite being native to the Rigel system, the Kalar have not been extended an invitation or absorbed into the Rigelian Assembly at this time.


Originally each species and sub-species had their own form of government but as they expanded, developed and established contact with one another this began to change. Sometimes this resulted in war, other times it resulted in peaceful negotiations. Regardless as time passed they slowly started to coalesce into one chaotic mix that identified themselves simply as Rigelian.

Now Rigelian society is governed by a monarchy and consists of a neat and interlinked aristocracy, which is based on factors such as land tenure and service. The legal system was based around a Citizen's Court, an inquest where a panel of twenty six men and twenty six women were entitled to ask questions and served essentially as prosecutors. The overall government of the Rigel system, the Rigelian Assembly, operates primarily out of a facility on Rigel V.

The Trade Commission is also an important body within the Rigelian government, located on Rigel X.


Rigelian commerce is regulated by the Rigelian Trade Commission. Most Rigelians are noted as being industrious and highly intelligent - especially so of the Jelna. They conducted a number of economic and business ventures, and used the profits to live in the luxury to which they were accustomed.

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