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USS Odyssey

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Sovereign-class Statistics
Type Number
Class Sovereign
Crew Compliment Officers: 130
Enlisted Crew: 725
Total: 885
Maximum Capacity 2,500
Number of Decks 24 (22 Habitable)
Height 88 Metres
Width 224 Metres
Length 685 Metres
Warp Engines One GE Class 8
Warp Drive Units -
Impulse Engines Two Sovereign-class mass drivers from Terminal Velocity
Energy Impulse Units -
Computer System LCARS, Two AC-16 Bio-Neural Gelpack Cores
Isolinear III Processor -
Beam Weapons 16 Type-XII Arrays, total output 100,000 TeraWatts
Range 300,000 Kilometers
Torpedo Launchers 1 Rapid fire quantum torpedo tube

4 Type 4 burst fire photon torpedo tube

4 Standard photon torpedo tube

Torpedo Payload 175 Quantum, 325 Photon
Range 4,050,000 Kilometers
Speed Cruising: Warp 8 Maximum: Warp 9.99 for 36 hours
Strength Index 3,084
Expected Duration 120 Years
Minor Refit Cycle 1 Years
Major Refit Cycle 10 Years

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