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Crew of the USS Apollo

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  • Gender: Female
  • Hair Color: Pale Blond
  • Eye Color: Light blue, with flecks of green
  • Height: 5'1
  • Birth Place: Gideon
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Position: Former Chief Science Officer
  • Ship: Starbase 118 Ops
  • Race: Gideon

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Medical Logs

  • Tressa's PNPCs:


Meiko Kobayashi

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Medical History

238711.09 - Ensign Tressa suffered third degree burns to her hands and fore arms, five broken ribs, resulting in respiratory distress and blunt force trauma to the head, after the Aeroshuttle she was travelling in was buffeted by explosions in the Azure Nebula when a Romulan warbird fired in their vicinity, successfully igniting several gas pockets.

238804.09 - Lieutenant Junior Grade Tressa under goes her annual physical examination after reported nausea. Lieutenant Junior Grade Tressa is found to be 8 - 12 weeks pregnant with fraternal twins.