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Crew of the USS Apollo

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  • Gender: Female
  • Hair Color: Pale Blond
  • Eye Color: Light blue, with flecks of green
  • Height: 5'1
  • Birth Place: Gideon
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Position: Former Chief Science Officer
  • Ship: Starbase 118 Ops
  • Race: Gideon

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Medical Logs

  • Tressa's PNPCs:


Meiko Kobayashi

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Stardate 238708.05

Begin Personal Log... Stardate 238708.05... Time... very late.

Well, my first day is over as quickly as it begun. I had just felt I was thrown into the action then it was over... I must admit I wasn't prepared for that. The minute I got off the transport the Admiral wanted all new ensigns to report to the Bridge... The Bridge... wow. And speaking of 'Wow', the Admiral! I've never seen anyone so tall!!! He must be seven feet at least! I felt so small! But he has the most calming tone to his voice... it's... very deep and relaxing, I thought I detected a hint of an accent there somewhere, but he wasn't on the Bridge for long...

Let's see, other people? My department head. Now there's a role model for new science officers... She's smart, confident, reassuring... I can learn a lot from her... I was just thinking today that she's a lot like I want to be one day. I find her very relaxing. Something I am, in hindsight, VERY grateful for! I was so nervous on the bridge and every time she spoke to me it seemed to calm my nerves.

My first theory was off today. I didn't understand the situation properly... Thankfully my second theory about the particles around the mining stations seems to be valid. Lieutenant MacKenna seemed pleased! What a confidence boost that was! And yet... I keep hearing this voice in my head saying over and over, this isn't a simulation! There are REAL risks! You can't make mistakes here! I know it isn't helping my nerves... but I know it's true. I can't mess this up!

Speaking of not messing things up... I've been trying so hard to be 'professional' and set a 'good first impression' ever since I got here... and now... I don't know... I wasn't really 'me'. I don't normally stutter or act as nervous as I was. It doesn't help that First Officer Lieutenant Commander Jaxx asked Ensign Tali and myself to eat dinner with him at some point. That I wasn't expecting either!

I have to say though, that I am very happy. My nerves have been out of control, but as my friend Rect' tier would probably be saying now; it's normal. New ship, new people, new experiences...

Tomorrow I will try to more like myself... Hmmm, and I should send a message to Mama and Papa to let them know how things are. I suspect it will be a busy day though. I have my morning exercise, I was going to drop by the Mess Hall to see if there's anything I can do to help before I start my shift with Lieutenant MacKenna, and I have to unpack, set up my replicator with my favorite foods... I'm not sure how many no-meat dishes they have available, oh and there's a debriefing... But for now I should sleep, I'm going to need my energy...

End Personal log...

Stardate 238708.15

Begin Personal Log, Stardate 238708.15

I am feeling much more at ease on the Victory now. Tonight I had dinner with the other new Ensigns and Commander Jaxx... I enjoyed it. It was actually a lot of fun meeting with the Commander and the other Ensigns off duty. I was surprised at how the Commander had accommodated for those who didn't eat meat at the dinner. It was thoughtful; and I was grateful, though I didn't mention it. He did use the word 'vegetarian'. It took me a while to recognise the word; it's used on earth to define those who don't eat meat. I'll have to keep the word in mind for future. In any case Lieutenant MacKenna was right when she said it would be fine.

Speaking of the Lieutenant, we have a nebula scan! I am so excited! I haven't been to the Astrophysics Lab yet, but I am sure I'll find it without too much trouble.

Time to retire for the night, I think. Along with the nebula scan there is another dinner happening... Lieutenant JG Hunt is hosting I believe... and Ensign Cooper mentioned a 'Japanese Garden Day' he is planning for when we arrive at Starbase 118. The Victory personel certainly like to entertain. Which I don't mind, I like a party.

Anyway, that'll do for tonight...

End personal log.

Stardate 238708.27

Begin personal log, Stardate 239708.27

The nebula scan was a huge success! We got a nice amount of data and from our observations; Lieutenant MacKenna and I believe it could be a Class 17 nebula due to it's size. Even better the Lieutenant has made a holodeck program of the event! I haven't had the opportunity to see it yet, but I hope to sometime tomorrow.

I met Lieutenant jg Orman today, at the nebula scan. She appears to be good friends with Lieutenant MacKenna! I can see why. She is a good person. The Lieutenant described her as having a blue uniform underneath all the gold!

I also had the opportunity to talk to Ensign Cooper in the Mess Hall. He insist I call him James, or Hawkeye. He is the first officer I have started calling by their first name... I saw him again on the bridge after, he he showed an interest in seeing the nebula program. I found this slightly surprising... Tactical officers don't normally show an interest in science affairs; but he certainly seems a gentleman... he even pulled out a seat for me when we were in the Mess Hall! He has his Japanese Garden Day, today. I'm looking forward to it.

I, unfortunately, did not make it to Lieutenant jg Hunt's dinner. I was working late on the nebula data and time go away with me. However, I did get through all the data.

I guess that's it... It's been quiet since the mining station incident. I wonder what our next mission will be...

Anyway I have a Japanese Garden Day to attend!

End personal log

Stardate 238709.27

Begin personal log, Stardate 238709.27

Wow, so much has happened since my last log... It appears James had no interest in the nebula scan, he made that quite clear at the Garden Day. I'm surprised by his affections, even more so by my feelings for him... I just hope I am not getting caught up in his romantic gestures, and well, he does look like someone I use to know... But I find I can't think clearly when he is around.

The Science Department did a complete over haul on the sensors with Engineering, did it all in 38 hours. It was exhausting, but at the same time rewarding. We had just gotten a full crew complement and tossed them right into the action; very much like my first day actually!

We are getting new officers everyday. A couple dropped into the Science labs the other day... Quite literally! Ensign Stryker and Ensign Shepard... Now he appears to be a cheeky individual. His friend Ensign Stryker appeared just a bit exasperated by him, reminded me a lot of myself with Chailess.

I spent that night in James quarters, and he asked me to be his 'lady'. He is moving quite fast, but I'm sure it's only because he's Terran. They are after all a short lived race.

Starbase 118 was attacked... by unknown ships. I was so scared for Chailess; and then we went to warp! We left the Station under attack! I couldn't believe it! I was so angry! But... Lieutenant MacKenna assured me the Station will be ok. I hope she's right.

But everyday she continues to amaze me. She really is such an inspiration! Her calm demeanour, how she effortlessly supervised the sensor overhaul and kept everyone from going insane.

Anyway; right now we are heading for a nebula being chased by an unknown race in an unknown class of ship, time to get back to work.

End personal log.

Stardate 238710.10

Begin personal log, Stardate 238710.10 ...

James is gone. Just gone... he left for a new assignment... he didn't even say goodbye. I'm hurt, I would be lying if I said I'm not. His sudden departure is so reminiscent of... well... of Sojak. I've been tearing myself apart over it. It hurts so much, I'm so angry! So insanely angry! ... ... Commander Jaxx noticed. That I was acting odd. He wanted to cheer me up, invited me to dinner. But he didn't tell me that initially!

He said he had a 'science problem'. Wanted my help off duty. He eventually told me why he 'lured' me there. It was very kind of him, but I suppose as the Commanding Officer he has a duty to ensure all his crew are content. Either way I am glad I went. I feel more comfortable around the commander now, last night it was the alcohol, now... I don't know. Maybe it's just because I really let go last night, I was just me. Silly, cheeky, slightly drunk me... and he didn't seem to mind... It was a good night...

I hope it happens again.

End personal log.

Stardate 238712.12

Begin personal log, Stardate 238712.12.

Wow, has it really been so long since I sat down to record my thoughts? I suppose it has, with everything that has happened since then.

I suppose the two biggest changes are my injuries and of course Commander Jaxx... well Andrus.

I'll start with the injuries. There was a mission to intercept a transaction between a group of Romulans and an unknown insect species in the Azure nebula. A boarding party was sent over to the freighter suspected to be carrying the items in question. I was sent along to help locate the freighter in the nebula. While in the shuttle a Romulan Warbird decloaked and started igniting gas pockets, the shuttle took a pretty bad beating and as a result we experienced some turbulence and some consoles exploded... the console I was at exploded... and I was thrown from my seat by the rocking of the shuttle.

I fell unconscious, and, well to avoid details, it wasn't pleasant. But when I awoke, Jaxx was right there. Right next to the biobed asleep in a chair. He's been right beside me the whole time I've been regenerating, monitoring me, bandaging my burnt arms, rushing to my quarters at insane hours in the morning in his boxer shorts. He was there the whole time.

At first I was just so thankful to have someone there, right when I needed someone, anyone. Then, well, then I started to grow fond of him... attracted to him. It turned out he was feeling the same, and now we're seeing each other exclusively.

I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I'm worried about the consequences of seeing my Commanding Officer, while I don't want to walk away from the feelings that have developed. He has said he likes to live to lives. One on duty, one off. This is a comfort to me; I really think it's important that while on duty I am Ensign Tressa and he is Commander Jaxx... I said the same to him...

I suppose that's everything for now... the crew is on shore leave, I'm on medical leave. I don't know where we are heading next, but Jaxx mentioned earlier today there would be a briefing soon, so I suppose our next mission has already been decided...

End Personal Log.

Stardate 238808.26

Begin personal log, 238808.26.

It has officially been a year since I first stood on the Bridge of the USS Victory. What a ride it has been ; from there to here.

My wounds have healed, and the entire crew is now stationed on Starbase 118. It is an impressive place to work... well, it was before the attack. A well planned attack which crippled the Station. From what we have learnt it was executed by the Scarlet Brotherhood.

We have done well with what we have, but there have been many casualties... too many.

The loss of life is disheartening, though I believe the crew will pull through this, just as they have done with every other adversity that has faced us.

Thinking of changes over the last few months, I can't believe how long it has been since my last personal log. Things have been so busy recently though. I have been promoted, both to the rank of Lieutenant and Chief of Science. Both are great responsibilities, but I am proud to be chosen for the position of Chief, and to be given the rank of Lieutenant. it is a long way from my days as Ensign serving under Commander MacKenna.

I now live with Andrus in the Captain's quarters, and our twins will be due soon. :: chuckles :: Yes, it's so hard to believe... and it was such a shock when Kali broke the news to me. I am still so very nervous, but at the same time I am excited... I'm going to be a mother...

So much change, in such a short time... I must remember to log my thoughts more frequently, too much happens in such a small period of time for me to record so much all at once. :: sigh ::

But that is life in Starfleet; and I know I wouldn't have it any other way.

End personal log.