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((Conference Rooms A, B and C, Twilights Edge, Deep Space 17, 1900 Hours))

::Sidney entered the room smiling at those who acknowledged her as she passed. She left her gift on the indicated table and paused momentarily. Her bright green eyes perused the room searching for her Andorian First Officer. She waved in his direction indicating the stage with a wave of her hand. She headed for the stage and met the Lieutenant Commander half way there.::

Riley: Commander Thelev.

Thelev: Commander Riley.

Riley: How are you this evening?

Thelev: Good, thank you, Sir. I'm Looking forward to it.

Riley: Interesting choice of attire. ::Smiles.::

::Jhen shifted the ceremonial Hrisal sword at his waist as he regarded his CO and her delicate white garment. ::

Thelev: I could say the same about you, Sir.

Riley: Shall we surprise some crew?

Thelev: ::smiling:: Lead on.

::Sidney took the stage and walked directly to the podium with LtCmdr. Thelev taking his place beside the table nearby.::

Riley: Welcome crew of the USS Tiger! If you will all please take your seats...

::Sidney paused for a moment.::

Tonight we come together to celebrate the achievements of several members of our crew who have proved themselves heroic in the day to day function of the Tiger. Their outstanding achievements should be and are commended by all of us.

::Sidney pauses and looks back to LtCmdr. Thelev, her face bright with a genuine smile.::

Riley: The TOSMA I and TOSMA II are for individuals who consistently show excellence in their duties and enthusiasm for their duties respectively. They are two of the most valued awards by their recipients.

I am please to announce this years TOSMA I is awarded to Lieutenant JG Par Salen (in abstentia) and the TOSMA II is awarded to Lieutenant Darius Clack. Lt. Clack, please come forward to accept your award.


::Sidney turned to accept the award from LtCmdr. Thelev. She turned to face Lt. Clack as he entered the stage.::

Riley: Lt. Clack has consistently shown outstanding ability in the execution of his duties. He is an unfailingly loyal and valuable member of the Tiger crew. Congratulations, Mister Clack.


Riley: If Lt. Clack would stay where he is please. Tonight you are also being presented the B-Plot Award for excellence in secondary plots and the Kalendra Award for plot twists and always keeping us on our toes. Congratulations Lieutenant. It is well deserved.


Thelev: Excellent work, Lieutenant Clack. Congratulations.


::Sidney waited while the Lieutenant returned to his seat and then continued when the room quieted down.::

Riley: One of the most important qualities for us to recognize in each other is that of improvement. Greatness does not come automatically for everyone, patience is a virtue which helps us develop and achieve the goals we desire. The Barclay Bead honors those who persevere and excel in service. Lieutenant Junior Grade Paul Sharpe will you please come forward.


::Sidney smiled and nodded for Lieutenant Commander Thelev to present the award to Lieutenant Sharpe.::

Thelev: Well done, Mr Sharpe.

Riley: Lieutenant, your dedication is invaluable to the crew. Congratulations!



::Sidney waited for Mister Sharpe to return to his seat and for the applause to die down.::

Riley: Our last award honors an irreplaceable member of the Tiger crew. Lieutenant Commander Salak please step forward.


::Sidney waited for Salak to approach the stage and then accepted the award from LtCmdr. Thelev to give the Vulcan Second Officer.::

Riley: Commander, your dedication to the Tiger crew is unquestionable. You are always willing to assist other crew members, you keep us all informed of events, you lift our moral without even knowing it. I am proud to present you with the Neelix Award.


Thelev: Richly deserved, Commander.

Riley: Congratulations Commander.



::As Salak leaves the stage Sidney addressed the group.::

Riley: Let's have another round of applause for our award recipients.


Riley: At this time Lieutenant Commander Thelev and I are pleased to announce promotions for the Tiger crew. Would Lieutenant JG Atimen and Lieutenant JG Firestarter please come forward.

Atimen/Firestarter: RESPONSE

Riley: Gentlemen, you are unfailing in your duties and an asset to the Tiger crew. Your dedication to the crew during our last mission was exceptional. It is with great pleasure I promote you both to full Lieutenant.

::Sidney took the wooden box from LtCmdr. Thelev and presented the first to Lieutenant Atimen and the second to Lieutenant Firestarter. ::

Riley: Since we're not in uniform gentlemen...

Atimen/Firestarter: RESPONSES

Thelev: Congratulations to you both, Lieutenants.

Riley: May I present our newly promoted Lieutenants.


Riley: At this time would Ensign Somers please come forward.


Riley: Miss Somers it is with great pleasure I promote you to Lieutenant JG.


Thelev: Well done, Lieutenant Somers.

Riley: Congratulations to our newly promoted crew!

Everyone: RESPONSE

Riley: At this time, let the party begin.... we'll begin the gift giving in 20 minutes.

Thelev: And if anyone would care to get me a drink I'd be much obliged.