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The (Image) Collective

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The (Image) Collective is a group of people within the Starbase 118 Fleet who enjoy creating images for characters and ships through photo manipulation.

What We Do

From avatars to ship based wallpapers and even signature banners for use on the forums, members of The Collective work diligently to assimilate the faces of our characters into Starfleet. Not only does it give each player a 'face' for their character, but it brings a level of realism to the game that would not exist with just written word.

Want to request a banner, avatar, or other photo? Head on over to our forum board and make your request there. One of the members of The Collective will create something to meet your needs.

Interested in honing your photoshop or photo manipulation skills? Consider joining The Collective today! Anyone can join, regardless of rank or position. While you may not be on the front lines making avatars and banners right away, you can display your work here, share your opinions on graphics or just ask questions and learn from those members who do work on such projects.

Recent Projects

Recently, The Collective has been working on a variety of fleetwide projects. Some of these include the ribbon graphics, revamp of the ships logos, updates of the uniforms to the new shows ones, and special graphics that will be posted around the main Starbase 118 website. We also work on avatars and banner images for new members, as well as new images for older members.

Joining The Collective

We welcome everyone, even if you don't have any photo manipulation skills. While those who are skilled will be working on avatars, banners, and photos for members of the fleet, everyone can come and just learn about how to integrate your character's face into the Star Trek realm.

To join, we ask you be Lieutenant JG or higher in rank, and have received the sign off from your commanding officer, agreeing to your commitment to OOC work. If you are interested in joining the team, please see any of the facilitators listed to the right, or contact the Facilitators Jalana Rajel, Jo Marshall, or the Deputy Facilitator, Aine Sherlock.

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