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The (Image) Collective

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Juneau Image Revamp

In March 2398 the Collective reworked all the images of the active crew members on the USS Juneau to unify their image with the Picard-style uniforms.

Ships Badges overault

In 2397 the image collective revamped the images of every active ship, as can be seen in Ship Flag and Logo Lineup

Service and Awards Ribbons

Awards Special RisingStar 2011.jpg In 2388 the awards system was overhauled with some awards being retired and other new ones being created. The image collective made brand new graphics for all the awards to give it all a new, clean and consistent look. You can see all the award images on the awards page.

Writing Challenge Winner Banner

Another project The (Image) Collective got in 2388 was to create a fresh new banner, that could easily be updated each month for the writing challenge winners.

Tutorial Banners

The (Image) Collective was called into use again in 2388 to create a number of banners, which link to various articles, to brighten up the [Cadet Pre-training area.]

Civilian Recognitions

C2-LtCmdr.png In 2388 Captain Toni Turner asked The (Image) Collective to come up with some images to recognise the people who chose to play civilian characters. She had currently a chef and a teacher, but wanted the images to be versatile so they could be used for any profession as needed. The idea was put forward to use gemstones but align them differently to pips to draw a distinction between starfleet rank pips and civilians. The final designs are available on the wiki.

Team Logos

In early 2389, The (Image) Collective was asked to create a logo for the Species Development Committee. The result was outstanding and prompted the creation of similar logos for all major teams in the Fleet. In 2392 we were asked to create a History Team Logo. Team logo seals can be seen by visiting the Image Team's Team Logo Page

SDC Custom Images

Commander Tal Tel-ar, in the beginning of 2389, requested that The (Image) Collective take a stab at creating images for species that were custom created for Starbase 118 itself.


ILI Images

The Image collective as well provided pictures for numerous canon species, by digging through the internet for either existing canon pictures or suitable alternatives.

Marine Patch Logos

Lieutenant Paul Sharpe specializes in military patch-like graphics and has lent his expertise in this area to the creation of patches for the Marine regiments on Starbase 118 Ops.

Facebook Covers

As part of the Fleet-wide social media push before the release of the new Star Trek Movie, The (Image) Collective creates custom Facebook cover images for use by anyone in the Fleet.

Duronis II Embassy K9 Awards

Embassy K9 Merits Lifesaving.png Fleet Captain Toni Turner requested a special set of awards to be granted to the dogs and handlers of the K9 Marine Unit stationed there. Lieutenant Paul Sharpe took up the project, resulting in the Embassy K9 Merits.

Ship Logos and Flags

Commissioned by Fleet Admiral Wolf, the ship logo and flag project was designed to allow specific 'colors' to each of the ships in the fleet and create a logo unique to each crew. See the lineup on the Flag and Logo Page

As the facilitator of the Marine duty post threads on the forums, and the highest ranking Marine in the fleet, this project was commissioned by David Whale in order to create a logo that was unique to the 118 Marines. The goal was to create three designs that could be voted on by the Marines in the fleet. Here's what we came up with! Marine Logo Designs

Fleet Wide Plot Arch Graphics

Captain Nugra requested Graphics for the new Fleet Wide Plot Arch for its first run in 2932. Images created were among others Character graphics for Plot based MSNPCs, Ribbons for Participation, Logos and patches for the participation in the Prometheus Incident, patches for the mission specific organisations Sicarius and Starfleet Sciences & Technologies, as well as Plot arch Mission Banner.

Multispecies Initiative

The Image team was approached by the Captain of the USS Darwin to create a Ribbon for their Multispecies Initiative, as well as their and the USS Victory's partnership ribbons.

Pathfinder Award

Awards General Pathfinder 2015.png The new Pathfinder Award has been created and designed "for those who have shown great care in the mentoring of fellow members."

Fall Festival

Graphics for the "Ongoing worlds Fall Festival 2015" hosted by us have been made for news articles and Facebook updates.