The (Image) Collective: Works in Progress

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The (Image) Collective

Team Co-Facilitators

Team Deputy Facilitator

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Task Forces Logo Revamp

The logos of the active Taskforces are being updated, such as the Collective's own logo, the Academy's logo and the logos of the EC and CC.

Ongoing ILI Images

There are a number of longstanding races in our ILI that do not have images. The list of permitted species still lacking images, along with instructions on how to find images or notate the list, is located here:

Original 118 Species

There are a number of species that need images made up from the descriptions written. These species are original and have been created by our members and will not have images floating around online. These species are for example:


Video Tutorials

One of the goals of the Image collective is not only to provide the game and its members with graphics, but also to help those who wish to learn to improve their graphics or use tools they have not used before. For this purpose Jalana Rajel has begun to share her own processing and techniques in shape of Video Tutorials.

Badge overhaul

Badges for contests and accomplishments are being redesigned and updated.