Tercenya Derryth

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USS Eagle

Tercenya Derryth

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  • Gender: Female
  • Position: Chief Engineer
  • Rank: Lieutenant (JG)
  • Race: Haliian
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Lieutenant (JG) Tercenya Derryth, a Haliian, is currently the Chief Engineer aboard the USS Eagle.


Tercenya has the ability to establish a two way telepathic and empathic link but only through direct contact with the other individual and only if she and they are touching a special crystal called a Canar. Otherwise, she is a touch empath. As she never could perfect the skill of blocking out the emotions of others, she does not tend to touch others unless necessary or unless invited to do so.


Tercenya is slight of build with the small forehead ridges typical of the Haliian race.


  • Height: 1.57m (5'2'')
  • Weight: 50kg (110lbs)
  • Hair Color: Auburn
  • Eye Color: Green


  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None
  • Parents
    • Father: Emiathan Derryth (Haliian Ambassador to the Federation)
    • Mother: Julesanna Derryth
  • Siblings: None


As the child of a diplomat, she had been carefully schooled in etiquette and manners but her father's attempts to teach her the finer points of diplomacy failed miserably. The constant travel meant the youngster had little opportunity to develop more than superficial relationships, making it impossible for her to develop the necessary insight into other sentient beings. Emiathan did succeed in instilling in his daughter a love for the martial arts. As the traditional Haliian arts were not taught at the Academy, Tercenya had developed a passion for the ancient Japanese art Aikido.

Bright and extremely capable in the engineering, math and pure science disciplines, Tercenya struggled with her humanities and social science classes.. Additionally, her first years at the academy had been challenging as she was, for the first time in her life, living in long-term close proximity with others of her age and she simply did not understand her classmates as well as she understood the gadgets with which she was always tinkering. A large part of the problem was that she was from a cultural group in Haliian society that only shared emotions with those to whom they felt a strong connection and only via a telepathic and empathic bond using a Canar. As such, she never became adept at using language used to describe emotion.

Despite this challenge, her infectious enthusiasm and intense curiosity made up for what she lacked in social skills and people generally liked her. While she sometimes lost track of everything else when absorbed in a project, including clearing it with her superiors, she was quite talented at jerry-rigging technology so that it would do what was necessary to accomplish the task.


  • 238705.20: Graduated from Starfleet Academy and promoted to the rank of Ensign.
  • 238705.24: Assigned to the USS Eagle as an engineering officer.
  • 238708.05: Promoted to Lieutenant (JG) and Chief Engineer.

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