Srasha Cr'iori

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USS Constitution
Srasha Cr'iori
Position Engineering Technician
Rank Cadet 2nd
Species Caitian
Gender Female
DOB 237507.11
Age 24
Birthplace Cait
Writer ID C239411DY0

Srasha Cr'iori is a second year Cadet aboard the USS Constitution.


  • Fur:Dark
  • Eyes:Silver (Unusual for a Caitian)
  • Height:5'5"


Temperament: Relaxed though can be quick to react if necessary.

  • Srasha only attended Starfleet Academy for one Earth year.
  • Acute vision and hearing.
  • She will use her tail as a third hand.
  • Steady on her feet
  • Srasha will express her feelings when she talks. When she is in a good mood her words are more purr-like with elongated R's. When she is in a poor mood or upset she will sound more hiss-like with more emphasis on the S's.
  • She has sisters back home on Cait.
  • Her tail will bob around whilst she is thinking.
  • More often then not, Srasha will not wear footwear as they are unnecessary for Caitians.


Like many of her species, she chooses to practice Alpha Persein Filjutsu, a popular form of martial arts designed to promote rapid agility and lightning fast reflexes. As a Caitian, Srasha often has an excess of energy that needs spending before she can manage to get a lick of sleep. And she does covet her sleep.

Srasha was accepted for re-admittance into Starfleet Academy on the long range education program. Since she had already completed her first year at the academy before taking the posting of Crewman 3rd Class, Srasha was re-admitted into the second year.

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