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Diblen, the black spice, is much more rare than the white lian, vastly more valuable, and highly illegal. Like lian, it is also mined on the spice world of Regoria. Diblen has several benefits, most notably the increase in all abilities: users become more intelligent, faster, stronger, and generally more able. Users also experience a mild euphoria and increased confidence. This benefit has a dark side: after the effect wears off, users become listless, sometimes poisoned, and occasionally overdose fatally. For these reasons, use, distribution, and possession of diblen is highly illegal. Diblen goes for about 1000 credits per dose on the black market.

The now vanished Healer's Guild once used diblen as a cure-all. It was also sometimes mixed with vensen spice as a treatment for hive virus infections. This formula is now lost. Diblen is also credited with aiding in meditative insight, lengthening life, and increasing health, but these are spurious claims at best.

Diblen's positive effects can last for up to six hours, but the negative effects last just as long.