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Publicity Team
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Social Media Team

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The Starbase 118 social media team organises and maintains the fleet's social media channels. The Social Media team is comprised of the facilitator and a number of ‘specialists’. Each of these specialists is responsible for curating and creating posts for the social media channel they have chosen to specialize in. One member can be a ‘specialist’ in multiple channels.

Member Duties

  • Inform our members about community happenings
  • Delight our members with interesting content
  • Show prospective members that we are an active and vibrant community
  • Help bump our search engine rankings in any way possible

Each channel has its own approach and general guidelines for how to post and when to post. The team’s tasks are managed in Trello, where we accept ‘cards’ that indicate assignments and use them to make sure we are meeting the needs of each social media channel. As mentioned before, one person can contribute to more than one channel, but in doing so, they should be able to meet the requirements of posting for each channel.

We definitely welcome any help on the team, but consistently contributing is the best way to help the team meet its goals. As such, each specialist is asked to contribute no less than 2-3 posts per week for Facebook and Instagram, with more for Twitter. These posts can be scheduled ahead, and should be a combination of things from the Starbase 118 website, content that is related to Star Trek and what we do from other websites and their social media channels, and creative content or polls and activities created solely for our social media. Overall, weekly tasks should not take very long and can be grouped into monthly scheduling sessions to be spread out as needed.



Kali Nicholotti (talk)


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Artinus Serinus (talk)
Samira Neathler (talk)
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Genkos Adea (talk)
Sky Blake (talk)

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