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Publicity Team
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Social Media Team

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Every gram of effort that we put into publicising our group leads us a step closer to getting new members, swelling out ranks and strengthening the fleet! If you're a member of the team then you'll be dedicating 15 minutes per week to helping us with ongoing tasks as well as taking part in exciting and varied special projects that will help us to promote the group! Even if you're not a member of the team, there are still things you can do to lend a hand! Read on!

Member Projects


  • Social Media Material Sourcing (Required): Facebook and Twitter are great publicity tools for the simple reason that they have the ability to easily reach large groups of people that might otherwise not hear about us. You may have Facebook friends who you didn't know liked Star Trek, for example, and they might share your post with their own friends! Continue that line of thinking and there's no end to who we could reach! We need help with the following things:
    • Increasing our activity on Facebook and Twitter, which equates to better publicity and a chance for more people to interact with us. To do this, we need plenty of material that we can link to, discuss or promote. An easy source of information is the group's own website and the daily news articles (although replicating that blow for blow isn't as good as varying things up!). We need four items of interest a week, which can be sourced from anywhere on the net on the topics of Star Trek (in all its forms), real world articles of scientific interest (especially those with links to treknology) and articles on creative writing and roleplaying. Some ideas for places to look are:
    1. Reddit: Star Trek
    2. Reddit: Voyager
    3. Reddit: Deep Space Nine
    4. Star Trek News on Facebook
    5. You're encouraged to find your own sources as well! We need members to submit at least two of these per month (just a link to a page and a quick description of what it is to the main publicity team list, so only a short job!).
  • Social Media Participation: This is the easiest of all jobs but hugely helpful. Retweeting on Twitter takes a single click! Liking and sharing on Facebook takes two but please, please, please COMMENT as well! If you reply to our posts in writing, that stands an even better chance of prompting other people to do the same, who may not be members of the group. Anyone who does that may be seen by friends they might not have shared our post with, which would be as good as them sharing too if so. Just liking and sharing is very easy to do as a matter of routine, but the extra mile counts here.

Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter! Remember also that accounts for fictional characters are against Facebook rules, so you'll need to use your real world account.


  • Member Testimonials (Required for New Members): If you're new to the group then please write up a 300 word member testimonial and upload it here. There are examples of testimonials that have already been approved for you to look at, but please don't upload your testimonial there.
  • Forums: Our greatest resource in terms of publicising our group is YOU! It's all well and good us advertising through other means but a flyer or internet article can't always answer questions or actually show prospective members what kind of people they will be interacting with if they join our community. To that end, we need to get posting on Star Trek forums - not just slapping an advert in an RPG thread, but providing examples of what our characters are like by posting personal logs in fanfic forums and, even more importantly, just generally having people to become members of the community on as many forums as we can! IMPORTANT: We still need to advertise, so make sure you have a link to the main website in your signature. Then get into the swing of posting, just as you would on our own forums! The more friends you make, the more people are likely to join us! Here's a list of example forums - where there's already a SB118 thread or topic created, the link will take you there, but don't confine yourself to that!
    1. Star
    2. Hailing Frequency
    3. Trek Space
    4. Game Squad
    5. Pen and Paper Games
    6. RPG Directory (N.B.: The webmaster is strict about advertising so you will need a forum sig that grabs people's attention and has an embedded link)
    7. Trek BBS

Please don't post identical personal logs to different forums, as there may be other people who are members of both!

  • Flyers: Spreading the word in the real world is important - a flyer in a comic book or board games store has the potential to catch the eye of anyone at any time! Head here to make sure you get one!
  • Yahoo! Groups Promotion: Every couple of months, releasing our approved advertising text (see the nav to your right) to one or more Yahoo! recruiting groups has the potential to draw in a few new members!
  • Encouraging Fleet Participation: Recruiting new members to the Publicity Team and persuading people to help with the 'Projects for Anyone' (see below) is always helpful! A reminder to your crew's OOC list every now and again goes a long way!
  • Special Events: On occasion, members may be asked to assist with special events instead of (or in addition to, if they're keen!) submitting a 300 word article for the month. Information on each project will be passed on through the Publicity Team mailing list. Upcoming projects include Spreecasts, creating a promotional video for Youtube and a real world roleplaying event to coincide with the launch of Star Trek: Into Darkness!
  • Spreading the Word: Always talk about UFOP: Starbase 118 with your friends! Find something that can spark their interest and focus on that aspect to get them hooked! Let them read your SIMs too!
  • Be Inventive!: Please do mail any ideas for new publicity initiatives directly to Jarred Thoran - they will be gratefully received!!!

Projects for Anyone

See the sections on Social Media Participation, Flyers, Forums and Spreading the Word above!