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Publicity Team
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Social Media Team

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To make it easier for everyone when advertising our group, we've "standardized" the information we'd like to have used when creating links. You can find that information below.

Do's and Don'ts


  • Always be polite, kind, and courteous! If something isn't working out as you had planned, thank the other person for their time and walk away from the situation.
  • Search far and wide for places that will post our link or banner.
  • Consider the places you're asking to post our link or banner. We want a diverse audience that is posting our link, but we also want places that are appropriate, and that will bring us traffic.
  • Always spell check and re-read your e-mails before sending them when dealing with publicity matters. It is unprofessional to send e-mails that include spelling or grammar errors or e-mails that are difficult to read because of spacing.


  • Spam anywhere. We want to make a good impression.
  • Be rude or impatient.
  • Post our link to websites that promote, contain, or have links to: pornography, illegal activities, or bigotry.
  • Be disruptive. For example, entering a chat room, dropping our link and leaving is disruptive and rude.

General Rules

  1. ALWAYS USE OUR CORRECT NAME!: Our group's official name for purposes of publicity is: UFOP: StarBase 118. Do not EVER allow people to call us "UFOP" or "StarBase 118" unless they are connected together. This is important because it is our brand. It identifies us on the web as not just UFOP, but as a StarBase a part of UFOP.
    • Whenever possible we want our "anchor text" to be used for publicity purposes. It would be: UFOP: StarBase 118, a Star Trek PBEM RPG.
  2. Use the correct descriptions. You will find those below. Only use these descriptions for our website.
  3. Ensure our link is correct. DO NOT EVER post a link unless you've checked it, and rechecked that it's correct!! Our URL is: Also, do not post links to specific areas of our website. Always give someone our main URL.
  4. Offer 1 for 1. If you ask someone to put up a link to our website, tell them that we will put a link to their website on our "Links" page. URL is: This also means that if they're putting up a text link, we will only put up a text link in return. If they are putting up one of our graphics, we will only put up a graphic of EQUAL or LESSER size.

Misc. Information

You will likely need some basic information to post links on other websites. Use the information below:

If a website requires you to register to put up a link, be sure to pass on that username, password, and website URL to FltAdml. Wolf so he can keep it on file.

Sanctioned Description

It's best to always use the description below. It allows us to continue our "brand" essence, in that we are always known as a community of Star Trek enthusiasts.

Star Trek adventure is just a click away. Join an active Star Trek community and lead your character from cadet to captain -- and beyond! Your adventure begins here.
UFOP: StarBase 118 Star Trek RPG offers the highest quality experience on the internet today with a friendly and welcoming online community that’s over 20 years old! Our training course will help you integrate into the community with no experience at all, and once you’ve been promoted to ensign, you’ll have access to our highly active forums, and be placed on a ship or station that suits your personal writing speed. Check us out at!
Motto: Your adventure begins here!

Types of Exchanges

  • Webrings: We no longer take part in any webrings. They're too much of a hassle to keep up with.
  • Banner Exchanges: Besides 1 to 1 banner exchanges directly with other sites, we do not join "Banner Exchange" groups that ask us to put a banner on every page of our website. We ONLY put links and banners on our Links page at https//
  • Site Rankings: We currently don't participate in a ranking engine.