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Member Testimonials can be great when trying to show others how enthusiastic our members are.

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  • Any kind words about the staff

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Mary Fenelli

  • Date of Review: Saturday, September 5, 2015
Star Trek, a wonderful enterprise that entered my house before I was even born. I remember as I was growing up we used to watch it all the time, especially Star Trek: The Next Generation. I myself was not a fan of Star Trek, and I used to hide away in my room while my family watched. Years and years passed and I finally decided to try to watch it. I began with Star Trek: Voyager. I will never regret the decision I made that day, because to this day, I now consider myself a Trekkie.
About nine months ago, I was encouraged by my brother to join Starbase118. After much consideration, I decided to agree, but only because I love to write, and enjoy Star Trek. After being on the site I realized how Starbase118 is for more than writing and Star Trek. Starbase118 is a place you get to be expressive and creative, it's a place to meet new people with the same interests as you, and it's a safe haven. In the time that I have been here, I have made many friends and written many stories. My crew on the ship I write for is like my family, and Starbase118 is like my home away from home.
UFOP: Starbase-118 is a really easy site to use, and a great place to be. It is a simple Role play Game that you can access through email. Whether you have a Hotmail, a Gmail, a Yahoo, or an Outlook, this place will suit all your writing and Star Trek needs. Starbase118 has something for just about everyone, and anyone can join. Once in the Starbase118 community, you will also be able to join groups, like; Top Sims contest Judge, or The Image Collective. The most fun thing here though is, being able to rise through the ranks. I am very pleased with Starbase118, and I hope to stay here for a long time.

Cayden Dunn

  • Date of Review: 17 January 2012‎
I have been watching Star Trek since I was a young boy hooked on Season 2 of TNG. Since then, I have dreamed of the stars and distant places. I also dreamed of piloting exotic space craft so much that I pursued a pilot’s license in real life. Another long time hobby of mine has always been fictional writing however, I found I sometimes lacked the inspiration needed to write consistently.
Approximately 6 months ago a friend invited me to check out the UFOP: Starbase-118 community. I was extremely impressed with the step by step training system and the friendly mentorship I received right off the bat. As a result, I caught on to the format of the SIM a lot quicker than I anticipated and gained the confidence to add my own style and idea’s to the storylines without fear of rejection or ridicule. The people are always friendly and always willing to help, whether it be via email, yahoo groups, forums, wiki, or a hundred other means.
UFOP: Starbase-118 gives me a place to write consistently, while gaining inspiration from the wide variety of storylines and characters to SIM. It also allows me to interact with an extremely welcoming, and social group of like-minded writers. This has been a wonderful and extremely addictive experience so far! In the near future I'm looking forward to diving into aspects of the Starbase 118 world I have yet to try, such as the writing contests and Out of Character services. There really is something for just about everyone in this group!!

Darren Shan

I’ve been a Star trek fan for years, and have always wanted it to be real. A year or so back my sister told me about this star trek website she had found, “UFOP Starbase 118” and applied to, unfortunately she wasn’t accepted, so I forgot about it completely until April 2010. I got a conformation e-mail in just 6 hours, and a group started the next day. My favourite thing about UFOP is that the staff give you an idea, but the crew decides where it goes, so if you gave every ship the same idea they would each have different results, and that means that every missions different. Also the wiki allows you to expand on your character, it’s friends, family, appearance, history, to make your character have real experiences.

Alleran Tan

As a life-long Star Trek fan, I discovered to my abject horror at the end of 2009 that my partner had never seen a single episode! Accordingly, I took her to see the first of the J.J. Abrams reboots and she was hooked. We sat down and watched all the Trek I had onhand (which, of course, was everything). Rapidly exhausting my stockpile of episodes, and my own personal passion reinvigorated, I went looking for Play By Email communities to join- my search lead me directly to UFOP:Starbase-118.
The application process required me to write a 250 word story set in the Trek universe. This surprised me, but now looking back I think it's an way to get the writing juices flowing early, and to make you think about the character you're going to play before you play it! In short order I was placed into the Academy, and wow. What a ride. As they say, the rest is history!
The UFOP:Starbase-118 community maintains the highest quality of writing standards, but also fosters an atmosphere of tolerance and acceptance. If you're looking for a place to improve your writing, then this is the place- my writing has improved out of sight in the close-to-a-year I've been playing now. The command staff and the other writers here are, to put it simply, wonderful... collectively they will help you in every aspect of your writing and encourage you to reach for the stars.
The rest is up to you.

Tallis Rhul

I joined UFOP:Starbase 118 a little over a year ago after searching the web for a top quality play-by-email roleplay. As a keen roleplayer offline and a former member of other SIM groups, I was keen to join a community that valued their players and could provide a high quality experience in terms of Star Trek roleplaying. I was not disappointed.
Starbase 118 is rich in resources relating to all aspects of Star Trek and SIMming. The SB118 wiki provides information on Star Trek aliens, ships and technology, as well as information on how to roleplay each duty post. In addition, the main website is home to writing guides and ideas for inspiration, as well as a professionally laid-out forum that provides access to writing competitions, and a chance for your character to interact with any other member of the fleet in an out-of-storyline context.
In order to maintain its high standards, the group offers a training program for all new members. At first I thought this would be a little intimidating, but right from the first email I felt like a valued part of a crew, and this continued into my current assignment aboard the USS Challenger. As Lieutenant Commander Tallis Rhul, I currently serve as Second Officer and Chief of Operations, with a number of other characters played by skilled writers who are friendly, and definitely know their Star Trek lore! I have frequently been surprised and entertained by the twists that the other writers have come up with for their characters, and appreciated the chance to interact with them.
I have been privileged enough to befriend other members of the fleet during my time here, as there are dozens of different ways to interact with your fellow group members, through the forums, or through various guilds and subcommittees. In fact, I recently started a second player character aboard another ship in the fleet, the USS Eagle, and have been received by the crew with open arms.
That's to be expected with SB118. Every member of the admin and command staff is accommodating and helpful. Their expertise and dedication make it a pleasure to be a member of a continually expanding corner of the Star Trek universe.


  • Date of Review: Thurs., 8 July 2010
I have been a member of Starbase 118 for one year with my current character, but I had originally joined back in 2004, and the group itself has been in existence since 1994! I originally joined, and have kept coming back when real life allows, because of the high level of sim quality in the group, the great sense of community in the group, the established and structured nature of the group, and because of the high level of Trek-realism the group provides.
Starbase 118 provides lots of support and assistance, but also allows you freedom to explore your character and duty post. It also has its own forums (which includes areas for each ship's crew, each duty post, guilds, and other out of character and in character areas), wiki (where you can maintain detailed pages on your character and contribute to articles about ships, aliens, etc), and main page, which acts as the main hub, directing you to the forums and wiki along with other interesting and helpful pages.
There are around ten different ships active in the group at any one particular time, with about eight to fifteen crewmembers on each ship. Once you finish training, you are assigned to the ship that best suits your needs and simming style! This includes, how often you can sim, what type of missions you enjoy the most (i.e. intrigue, action, adventure, scientific, diplomatic), what type of vessel you prefer (starbase or starship), and what duty post you want.
One of the best things about Starbase 118 is its training program for new recruits. All new recruits are required to go through a week long training mission to get acquainted with the rules and format of Starbase 118. This is very helpful before being thrown into the thick of the action and is led by competent senior officers.
If you enjoy writing and like Star Trek, why not join this epic play-by-email role playing game where you write for your own original character, and meet and make friends with people from across the country and across the world.

Miles Unum

  • Date of Review: Sun., 23 May 2010
I have been a Star Trek fan since I was a kid, which was just a "few" years ago. My fascination with Star Trek started with the original series, which was in re-runs, and continued with the Next Generation and the motion pictures. Right after I saw the 2009 Star Trek movie on opening day, I felt the desire to connect with other Star Trek fans in some form of gaming atmosphere, and so, I went to the Internet and began looking at what was available. Role playing through PBEM (Play By E-Mail) groups seemed to be the most prevalent way Star Trek fans were connecting and continuing Gene Roddenberry's dream. I found a few web sites that peaked my interest, and I spent some time looking at each one and checking reviews of those groups through other sites. I kept coming back to UFOP: StarBase 118 RPG's web site for several reasons. The home page was professional, there were links to tutorials, a thorough wiki site, forums, and there was a lot of information about the group, which had a history going back 15 years. I decided to apply, and I received a quick and friendly response that I was accepted and would immediately begin training, which consisted of learning how to participate in the group. I completed the training a week later, and I was assigned to a writing group which was writing a story on a starship near Romulan space. It didn't take long before I was participating in a story that allowed me to be involved in a new and evolving Star Trek episode true to Roddenberry's vision. I wasn't involved in writing much until I joined UFOP: StarBase 118 RPG. I never imagined that I would have this much fun writing and contributing to an ongoing story with others who love Star Trek. I have also met others in the group who knew very little about Star Trek at first but contributed as much as anyone else. I look forward to continuing the friendships I've made in this group and continuing to explore the final frontier.

Kali Nicholotti

  • Date of Review: Thu., 11 June 2009
As a child with a vivid imagination, and the need to go above and beyond conventional life, I had the pleasure of getting into a variety of different RPG groups at a rather young age. One of these was a star trek play by email group, where I learned the basics of how the internet could be used to facilitate a role playing game. Like so many PBeM groups of its time, it eventually died out, and I had moved on.
Recently, I realized that I would really like to get back into a community that offered what this first email RPG offered, but it was difficult as so many of the trek based RPGs had long died and became pieces of dead space online. While the pages were there, the people were not. I had nearly given up in finding such a game when I stumbled upon Starbase 118.
It did not take long for me to become involved in the training classes, and to get posted aboard a vessel. The speed in which everything happened amazed me, and it was easy to see that there were some very dedicated leaders behind this group. Training was a wonderful intro into their world, pointing the way into the wiki that so many members had participated in over the long years that this group has been up and active.
Above all, however, I was deeply impressed by the feeling of community, and how welcoming all of the current members were. Though geographically separated around the globe, people from many different walks of life had gathered here, in this place, to continue the trek through the stars without fear of reprieve or discrimination. The dedication, attention to detail, and welcoming spirit of SB 118 is truly a credit to the image of what Star Trek was always meant to portray.

Tal Tel-ar

  • Date of Review: Thu., 21 May 2009
I have been playing all kinds of RPG's for many years. Well over 20 years in fact. Starting with the classic old style of getting together with your friends and sitting down together to play D&D. Over the years the group I played with experimented with almost every RPG game that had been created. Some became favourites, others we quickly got rid of as they just were not well developed. I still get together with them when I can but with most of us having families it's not as easy as it once was.
Sometime in the late 1990's I found a few interesting online e-mail RPG's that I joined and tried out. Most were short lived but a few were well lead and lasted for a few years. Of those I tried a number of them were Star Trek based. One of my favorite was a completely Cardassian RPG with 2 ships and a base. It was an excellent site with tons of data and background info on the Cardassians. Unfortunately interest slowly petered out and the game folded after about 2 years. About this time I became involved with a X-Man RPG and after about a year I took over the site and then continued to run it for just over 5 years.
Shortly after this I started looking around the internet for a new RPG for me to join and try out. I must have checked out over 20 different kinds of RPG's when I found Starbase 118. I was surprised by the complexity and devotion to detail. The amount of data that had been written for their own wiki site. For that matter by the number of active ships and the large number of active members. The more I read the more I liked about the site so I carefully considered what kind of character I wanted to play and submitted it for consideration.
I have been a happy member of this group for almost 4 years now. In that time I have served on 4 different vessels and have slowly been able to work my way up the ranks to Lt. Commander. I have also been a Security officer, Tactical officer, Helmsman, Mission Specialist, Chief of Security, Chief of Tactical and the 2nd Officer. It has been by far the best on line RPG that I have ever been involved with. The people have been very helpful. I am sure that if you love Star Trek, you will also enjoy playing and serveing aboard one of the Starbase 118 vessels. Till then take care and keep the dream alive.

Iolo Llewelyn

  • Date of Review: Wed., 13 May 2009
While finishing up my undergrad degree in psychology in 1998 a friend of mine began telling me about this "new phenomenon" emerging on the internet with early text based MMORPG's and MUSHes (Massive multiplayer online role playing games and Multi-User Shared Hallucinations). Having been an avid role playing fan since 1982, I ventured out on the net in the hopes of finding one of these types of groups to see what the buzz was about. In the process I stumbled acrossed UFOP: Starbase 118 and was immediately drawn to it out of my passion for Star Trek. It didn't disappoint. Within a few short days I had completed my training sims and was assigned to a ship; thrust into the middle of an adventure that evolved in ever new and exciting ways as each crewmate contributed to the ongoing scenario. One of the things that struck me as most interesting was the fact that, at least in cyberspace, Roddenberry's vision of the future was a bonafide reality. Our crew consisted of people from Europe, North America, Africa and Australia, a truly international effort united under the banner of Starfleet. This was unlike anything I'd ever experienced and I was hooked. The fact that many of us were playing roles reminiscent of our respective real life areas of expertise made the experience that much more immersive. These players were just as passionate about the genre as I was and I found myself growing as a writer in the process.
Over the years I drifted in and out of simming and even ran my own Star Trek sim organization at one time, but I can honestly say that nowhere have I ever found a better example of excellence in the field that could match the UFOP, and that included my own. Recently I, quite by accident, again stumbled acrossed the UFOP:Starbase 118 group and I was amazed at just how much the group had grown; how professional and comprehensive their site had become. While the UFOP of my early days was very, very good, this newer, updated version had evolved over the years of my absence into something orders of magnatude above and beyond what I would have even thought possible. Unlike the past where a person would have to check out every Trek manual in the library to provide technical information, the UFOP of today has its own massive Wiki with hundreds of interesting and helpful articles. In addition, the member's forum provides an endless array of fun with engaging discussions, activities such as the bi-monthly ceative writing challenges, word games and even access to dedicated chat rooms where the players could meet in real time and hang out. Having returned to the fold after so many years I was concerned that I might have difficulties, however the training process remains a fun and easy way to acclimate to the sim experience and I can honestly say that the training staff are supportive and top notch people. I rejoined 8 months ago and can attest to the fact that the UFOP is bigger and better than ever before. It doesn't matter if you are new to Star Trek, new to role playing, or are a veteran/ expert in both. The UFOP:Starbase 118 PBEM RPG will be one of the most rewarding and fun times you will ever have. You owe it to yourself to check it out, because I am confident that once you try it, you wil love it as much as the rest of us do!


  • Date of Review: Fri., 8 May 2009
I'd heard about SIMing and seen a little on the internet but didn't fully know what it was. I decided I'd look into it and liked the idea so set about finding a good one to join. After spending a casual two months looking through many SIMs I found on the internet I found SB118, and it instantly stood out from the rest. The presentation of the website was of a much higher grade than what I had previously seen and the group was many ships and a starbase as opposed to just a single ship like most of the other SIMs I'd seen. I submitted my application and heard back within a matter of a couple of hours which was equally impressive.
I joined UFOP: SB118 around 6 weeks ago into a very welcomed SIMing training class, which I felt I needed since I had no experience. The training was great and the teachers were very helpful and friendly, traits which I soon found extended to all members of the fleet that I encounter. I am now in what I feel to be a very submersed Star Trek universe, one which I aim to be in for many years.

Kevin Breeman

  • Date of Review: Wed, 1 April 2009
I first joined hoping to find a game that required more than simply dexterity with a controller. I wanted something that put demands on my creativity. I was not disappointed. The training sim was a unique and interesting experience. From it I could tell immediately that the people here take what they do very seriously. Simming with the USS Independence-A has so far been rewarding and challenging.

Raj Blueheart

  • Date of Review: Mon, 30 March 2009
I'm totally new to RPG's and I must admit the whole idea of interacting with different people and being creative was rather daunting in the beginning. The fear of appearing silly coupled with my not-quite-there-yet Star Trek knowledge intimidated me. But my training and subsequent fleet assignment soon proved me wrong. I've never met a friendlier bunch of people who are so welcoming and nurturing! I must say I am learning heaps every single day, not only about Star Trek (which I absolutely adore) but also about developing interpersonal skills and being creative and writing. I used to write poetry and short stories some time back but disregarded it due to my studies, but now I've been bitten by the writing bug all over again! If you think you're going to be on your own here, think again. Everyone here is always willing to lend a supporting hand and I find the information on the various Wiki's easily accessible.
Needless to say, I am having so much fun right now on UFOP: SB118. There are only a few things that bring me true joy in life, and this is one of them. And I just know it will do the same for you!

Turc Brakur

  • Date of Review: Thu, 26 March 2009
I've played a lot of Star Trek RPGs over the years, but I've found that UFOP: SB118 is by far the best out there. I first joined the group in 2002, and played my first character for about two years, then stepped back in order to concentrate on college. I came back in January of 2009, because I just couldn't stay away any longer. No were else will you find people who are as dedicated to their writing: one of the highlights of my day is when I open up my email account and find sims from my fellow writers, and if I have to be away for longer than a day, I almost go crazy wondering how the story is unfolding. I would highly recommend this RPG to anyone interested in writing, or just in improving their writing skills, regardless of their knowledge of Star Trek. In fact, some of the best simmers I've known didn't know much about Star Trek when they joined.

Sariel Locke

  • Date of Review: Fri, 20 March 2009
I joined UFOP: Star Base 118 because I was interested in writing. I had written with other groups before and found the practice challenging but highly rewarding. As with any group of writers, it is the community that makes the story and also keeps you interested in writing the story. I had no trouble communicating with the people I wrote with on UFOP, found myself making friends, and found that I was able to take things wherever they needed to be taken. Writing science fiction, regardless of the shell, is about pushing new ideas and using your imagination. UFOP: Star Base 118 is the place to do that.

Della Vetri

  • Date of Review: Tue, 1 January 2009
I’ve been a role-player in assorted guises for years now, but only recently did I decide to take a look at this whole “play-by-email” thing. I had a snoop about on the net and stumbled on this interesting site – UfoP: SB118. It looked good, and certainly piqued my interest, so I thought I’d give it a go.
A week later I was kicking myself – Why hadn’t I done this sooner?!? The training got me right into the thick of simming, teaching me the ropes and the guys I was writing with were great fun. Then I got my fleet assignment and I realized the fun I'd had so far was just the start...
The forum and wiki support has proven invaluable to me, and the players made me feel right at home straight away. Since joining the fleet I’ve made new friends, and have discovered a whole new view of the Star Trek universe, and had a really great time doing it!

Eden Redstone

  • Date of Review: Fri, 16 May 2008
There's nothing like pen and paper role-playing games. Sitting around the dining room table with your friends, having all sorts of amazing adventures and that feeling you get when you're not sure whether your character will survive or not. Nothing like it. Or so I thought. See, I was the Dungeon Master. For every hour a player put in, I put in 10 or 20. I built the worlds, designed the rooms, created inventory lists. It was a lot. A LOT. And sometimes, I just wanted to be a player , you know? ... take chances, see what happened. Play without knowing what the outcome would be.
Course, no one else wanted to do that much work for a game. Which is what sent me looking and eventually led me to UFOP:SB118. Now, I had been a DM for some time but with all of that experience, I knew nothing ... less than nothing ... about how to play this kind of game. And I was nervous -- me! The one that orchestrated all sorts of evil challenges as a DM.
Holding my breath, I signed up -- and was immediately relieved to find out that I would get to go to Starfleet Academy. Cool, I thought. Coursework. (I really thought that.) And hard on the heels of that was -- whoa! Tests? Textbooks?
So ... No tests. No textbooks. I was part of a group and we had an experienced commanding officer who, together with an equally experienced first officer, took me through a sample mission. I learned how to write a basic post. Learned what to do and what not to do. Got feedback on what I contributed. I learned. I got comfortable.
More importantly, I graduated and I was hooked. Four years later, I'm still hooked. Still checking the email first thing in the morning and last thing at night, wondering what's happened.
Here's the thing. UFOP:SB118 feels like home and that, I've come to discover, is the truth. There's a website and an extensive Wiki, packed with information. The management is experienced and well organized. If you've a mind to, there are lots of ways to get involved. There are good crews and captains who work hard to deliver a great game. There are people who have become my friends. And most importantly, there are amazing adventures to be had.
It never gets old.

Francis deMarc

  • Date of Review: Sun, 20 Apr 2008
I joined the club about three years ago, coming in as a young Ensign aboard USS STEADFAST. I am a huge fan of Science Fiction, and this was the chance for me to get more into the writing as opposed to the copious amount of reading that I do regularly. In this case, I started off a new character with the name that I was using at that time as a Pen Name to write some short stories and fiction under, Francis deMarc. And the rest, they say, is history.
I started off in the Security group, and moved in the Marines. I am now the senior Marine Officer aboard my second ship, USS CHALLENGER. The position allows me to work with not only the Fleet staff, but also the rest of the Marines which is a subject / tradition that I love to learn more about. Being in the group allows me to work out my creativity, as well as meet great people from all over the world. The challenges of my primary character, as well as my other secondary characters allows me to be human, but also Bajoran; Male and Female; Command Staff and grumpy old Chief Petty Officer. Yes, it is a great way to start my day, and wait for the come back from other players through out the day.
As the Marines always are stating, we are looking for a few good... Well, let's say beings. If you want to be a part of something bigger than yourself, without facing battles, join us at Starbase 118.

Marcus Dickens

  • Date of Review: Sun, 20 Apr 2008
I joined SB 118 by a friend's word about it. It's about four or five years ago and I came from another PBEM group. I have to say that since I joined I improved both, my writing skills and my English grammar and vocabulary, as I'm not English speaker. In fact I'm from southern Europe, from Spain. One thing that attracted me from the group was the well organized staff and the web that was very complete. Another thing that made me choose SB118 to play in was the diversity. I found that there are members of the group from all over the world; Spain, South Africa, Croatia, England, U.S.A, Ireland... That represents very well the spirit of Star Trek and one of co-operation between all to look for a better place for all of us.
I started playing with a character more security based and after a few time I started with a new one more science oriented. The diversity of points of view and writing styles is one thing that helps me to enjoy the reading of the posts and learn how to write. So if you like to write, to share good moments and meet people from around the world, this is a good place to do it. I'm still here after five years, so... what are you waiting for?


  • Date of Review: Sat, 19 Apr 2008
I came back to writing in this form after separating myself from it many years. In the late 90s, the internet was a different landscape and Star Trek had a different role for me. I'd just graduated high school and I thought I'd outgrown both the show and the game.
Since joining UFOP, I can see I've become a better writer. The commitment and respect I feel to both the game and the community is what kept me constantly exercising my writing skills, which is why I've made huge progress in my work drafting several screenplays and stage plays, whether its sci-fi or the real world.
Sometimes the lines between the characters and people I know blur, but it's always a good feeling. I feel a need to give back to something that has given me a far richer outlook on life, which has held a mirror up so I can look closely at my friends, my family and myself.

David Cody

  • Date of Review: Sat, 19 Apr 2008
I rarely give testimonials, so please allow me a few moments of your time.
Like some, my experience in RPG exceeds two decades. I have designed some, played many. In tabletop, from D&D’s humble beginnings, to three major incarnations since I went online in 1994 with AOL. I have been known as David Cody, I have been known as Jack Kelray. I have been known as Michael Sargon Blade.
This was a live chat in its beginnings, to those of us who could, and did, enjoy many a night simming into the wee hours of the morning. For all those who brought their creativity, their imaginations, their spirit and their dedicated hard work that has spanned the course of what has been fourteen years, one thing remains the same:
This is Tristan Wolf’s vision, UFOP: Starbase 118: the sims, the characters, the world, the universe of people who have come, and those who come after to continue a timeless tradition and journey first envisioned by Gene Roddenbery, upheld by those who love the friendships, the laughter and sometimes serious moments that come with the format of Play-By-Email. It is as much your stories, however big, however small... wherever your imagination takes you. We welcome any and all who love to write, who love to meet new people and make strong, lasting friendships in a community of those who are united by a shared love of the Star Trek universe and science fiction.
There has never been, or ever will be, anything like what has been designed here. The UFOP: Starbase 118 stands by itself as a testimonial to changing nature of the Internet, what it has been, what it's become, and where it's going. Each and every one of you has the opportunity to grow, contribute, and yes, even command to something truly unique to your skill and ability with the opportunity to expand horizons and learn new things, better manage, and foster understanding and communication .
There is something here for everyone... always has, always will.


  • Date of Review: Sat, 19 Apr 2008
I've been a member of UFOP: SB118 at various times dating back to 1995/6. I joined the PBE-mail group while I was still in college and studying radio and television broadcasting.
My overwhelming love for all things Star Trek and reading lead me to UFOP: SB118, drawing my attention away from other PBE-mail groups, because of the style of writing we use. It is so different from every other PBE-mail group out there.
In most cases, PBE-mail groups are novel based. Each crew member writes long lengthy paragraphs which include action, emotion and the like. UFOP: SB118 approaches the art of telling a story through script based writing. You can literally print out a players post, grab a group of friends and act out the scene directly from the printed page.
Since the internet and media are changing so fast and now with POD Casting and Internet based Mini-Movies, Y-Tube, etc., script-based PBE-mail is more exciting than ever. UFOP: SB118's writing style is fresh, exciting and not like any other PBE-mail sim group on the internet today!
UFOP: SB118 is only one of a handful of Star Trek based PBE-mail sites that's lasted the test of time. It comes back year after year, when most sites don't last more than 10-12 months. Because our members are personally invested in the group, we've built relationships with each other; some across state lines, other across oceans.
I'm honored to be a member and a leader of one of the Ships of UFOP: SB118. In my wildest dreams I couldn't have imagined that I would be a part of such a great organization, who continues to live out Gene Roddenberry's vision for a better, brighter future.


  • Date of Review: Sat, 19 Apr 2008
SB118 is a great, active community. The players here take their writing seriously, and it's always wonderful to read both the sims and the entries in the regular writing contest. I highly recommend this group not just to Trek fans, but also to people who desire to improve their writing and English skills."


  • Date of Review: Sat, 19 Apr 2008
Well I can't honestly say how I came to join UFOP, Can't remember that far back. (2002) But I will say that I am glad I did. It has given me friends from around the world, and countless hours of enjoyment. I have never met such a group of supportive people in my many years. They have always encouraging and helping me to become a better writer. Another important point is that they have to stay true to Gene Rodenberry's dream of the future.
I have lost count the number of days I have waited for the next installment of our story to reach my inbox. There have been times when I couldn't get to a computer, and the hardest thing to endure was waiting to see what was happening in UFOP. It has become a enjoyable daily routine to check my e-mail for the latest postings. And for a disabled Vet any enjoyment I can get is a blessing.

Tyr Waltas

  • Date of Review: Fri, 18 Apr 2008
It started innocently enough, as most addictions do. I was bored one day at work and nonchalantly typed in "Star Trek play by email" into the magical, mystical, Google-machine. Up came UFOP: SB118. Impressive website, even 5 years ago. As I cast my hat in the virtual ring, I expected the usual PBEM snobbery-with the veterans looking down their noses and floating the word "noob" at every given opportunity. Instead I found a refined, well-organized and user-friendly Academy that taught me, (and I was a noob even though no one said so) how to write sims, interact, and most of all, be a team player. As my Ensign's persona expanded I grew entranced with the group and found myself sitting up at all hours of the night writing him battling Romulans, falling in love, and exploring the more subtle aspects of life. Five years and 3 pips later, I command my own ship and try to impart my affection and experience with UFOP to my crew. From the well-organized command structure to the freedom given to its writers to the interaction on the forums, UFOP is simply the best PBEM on the web-and it has over 10 years of existence to prove it.

Abby Hall

  • Date of Review: Thu, 17 Apr 2008
Although I have not been a member of Starbase118 for very long (only a couple of weeks at this point), I am not new to PBEM games and I am a firm believer in the skills, enjoyment and community that they promote. Starbase118 is the finest and strongest group I have ever been a part of. The officers involved in my training and in the vessel I have been assigned to are very supportive, and I look forward to my future here.

Karynn Ehlanii

  • Date of Review: Thu, 17 Apr 2008
I've been a member of UFoP:SB118 since late-September 2007. I joined, in part, because I've been a huge fan of Star Trek since I was little and, in part, because I got a "sneak preview" of the group through my now-fiance, who has been a member since February 2008. Every once in a while he would show me interesting posts or story arcs and I would have fun reading them. Around August, I started reading several months-worth of posts and couldn't get enough. It didn't take much persuasion from my fiance to get me to join after that. Now I serve on the USS Ronin and I love it. The people are so awesome and now I know writers from all over the world. We interact both in character and out of character and now, because of SB118, I have friends all over the globe.
While I don't have much experience with RPGs outside of UFoP, I've found that my experience with this one has been excellent. There are tons of resources, including a large Wiki, very fun forums, and a helpful website that includes tutorials, helpful hints, a database of ships and personnel, and even more resources that I haven't run across yet. Their training program really helps new people get the hang of how the play-by-email format works. SB118 offers many opportunities to help you become a better writer, and many ways to be rewarded for improvement. Over the past several months I've honed my writing abilities both in my SIMming and through the bi-monthly writing contests on the forums. Through various avenues I've been able to receive helpful hints and comments about my work that have helped me to grow and develop as an author. I highly recommend UFoP:SB118 to everyone.

Andrus Jaxx

  • Date of Review: Thu, 17 Apr 2008
I grew up as a fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation. After watching all there was to watch of that show, I started watching Star Trek: Enterprise. I have seen much of Voyager and Deep Space Nine, and still I wanted more. I thought about reading the books, but I never liked to read. One day I was looking into what happened with the crew of the Enterprise, post Nemesis. I wanted to look on the web and see if there was anything about the Titan, Captain Riker's ship. I stumbled across old threads from when UFOP: Starbase 118 had an active ship called the Titan. I managed to make my way to their homepage, and looked around the prospective member area. I must have read over it ten times. A week later I thought, what the heck, I am out of Star Trek to watch, why not write? After completing the application and being accepted, I started my training in the Academy. It took just over a week and I was posted on my ship, the USS Challenger.
I like to stay on top of things, the UPDS and the Wiki, allow me to read the profiles of every member. I also like to stay on top of every ships roster, because you never know who you may end up SIMing with next week. Since I have been with the group, just under a year, I have met people from all over the world, and a few of them I am happy to call friends.
I have never considered myself a writer, and I still don't. But I loved Star Trek so much that it just became easy. The best part about the group is that you don't have to be a Pulitzer Prize winning author, you can be an average Joe, who just likes Star Trek... the rest, somehow, just comes together.

Hugh Barnes

  • Date of Review: Thu, 17 Apr 2008
I joined SB118 a little over a year ago, after an enforced absence from another Star Trek PBEM game. After a web search I discovered the UFOP SB118 website, after looking through the prospective member’s pages I took the plunge and joined the group. After a weeks training at the academy which I enjoyed immensely I was posted to the USS Victory under Capt. Phoenix. I then transferred to the Challenger under Capt. T’Pen.
Under both captains I have had the opportunity to be involved in some interesting stories. Since joining the group I have met several people I hope I can call friends from around the world.
The main reason for returning to a Star Trek PBEM game was I missed the camaraderie and the writing that goes with such a group.
I would highly recommend the group to any one who wished to be involved in a PBEM game.

Toni Turner

  • Date of Review: Wed, 16 Apr 2008
Being first attracted by a well-organized website, and a comprehensive Wiki presence, I became a member of UFOP SB118 five years ago, but soon found the group had many more facets that have proved to be both enjoyable and challenging.
From the week long Academy class that engagingly gave me my first taste of writing with other writers, I have cultivated friendships with people hailing from all over the World who share the same interest in writing as I do. The exposure allows us to learn from each other. The crews I've served with, and the SB118 Staff, have been never ending sources of information and support.
On the SB118 forums we share a portion of our real lives with pictures, good natured banter and thought provoking commentary. Additionally, we are afforded the opportunity to compete with each other in writing competitions.
When I joined I knew very little about Star Trek or futuristic space travel, but through reading the sims of others, and independent research, I can honestly say that the more I learn the more I want to learn.

J. Vannini

  • Date of Review: Mon, 04 Dec 2006
  • Source Link:
  • "I've been with UFOP/SB118 since March 2006 and can tell this is the most terrific PBEM group I ever found on the net. As a member of UFOP, the player must keep an strong sense of responsibility and endeavor for better himself/herself. The SIMs are performed in the best realistic way, immersing one self in the universe of Trek. On the other hand, is real good practice for those wanting to better their writing skills. And I know because my native language is not English. One of the most important things is the commitment to stick the closest possible to the Star Trek Canon, so this provides us a solid ground where to build our plots and SIMs. Want to live the experience of becoming a real StarFleet officer and to boldly go where no Fanfic writer has gone before? This is the right place for you!"


  • Date of Review: Mon, 04 Dec 2006
  • Source Link:
  • "I have been with this PBEM simm group for over 4 years, I must admit that at first I was rather intimidated by the skill and professionalism of this group, their dedication to the Star Trek ideology is impressive and their hunger for information exciting.. I have never found a group of people be so open and friendly which makes writing here a joy. If I would have started in this group in my teens I think I would have aced every exam I went for, my understanding of English language and literature has improved exponentially and my love of science has driven me on to new and greater things in my real life... Since joining this group it has given me the confidence to push out beyond the norm and to try new things, they are not just a group that share my hobby, they are my friends..."


  • Date of Review: Mon, 04 Dec 2006
  • Source Link:
  • "I've been with SB118 for over three years and the storylines get better and better all thanks to the contributions of the writers. Organizational staff take this game very seriously. If you're looking for a professionally-run trek sim group, you must check out!"

xoet 12/h92o

  • Date of Review: Mon, 04 Dec 2006
  • Source Link:
  • "This PBeM site opened my mind to forums as well as improved my skill at writing in a format. I highly recommend this site for anyone who likes trek and simulations of trek in written form. It is a sim were we are actors in the scripts, making the movie happen. It is all logged and wiki'ed group simmed together from the ships and the starbase to the forum.

Rob h

  • Date of Review: Mon, 04 Dec 2006
  • Source Link:
  • "Okay, might be a touch bias but I have been in the group for over 6 years. If it was not worth the time and effort I would not still be a member."


  • Date of Review: Mon, 04 Dec 2006
  • Source Link:
  • "I've done a good handful of PBeMs but without a doubt SB:118 is the best I've found. It's an amazing group with amazing people, that's always trying to better itself. SB:118 is really the best there is, you can't find anywhere with a better sense of community, better leadership, or better missions! And, with all the unique ships, there really is something for everyone."


  • Date of Review: Mon, 04 Dec 2006
  • Source Link:
  • "After almost two years in the game and never getting bored with it I can honestly tell it's a great experience worth your time."

chris h

  • Date of Review: September 2007
  • Source Link:
  • "I joined SB118 in Jan/Feb of this year (2007). I had no previous experience of simming or PBEM but the website and the sense of history enticed me to give it a go. I had done tabletop role-playing before and I found the training period very helpful in terms on understanding some of the basic concepts (such as email format) that the group uses. The trainers all proved very helpful, informative & accommodating, the website and wiki are full of useful and interesting information and the game itself is very friendly with a good mix of adventure and mystery and plenty of opportunity for role-playing. What I like the most about SB118, however, is the sense of community you get through the message boards with plenty of folks happy to chat on any subject, not just star trek."

Allen Diaz

  • Date of Review August 15th 2011
  • I joined the fleet a little over 3 years ago. I have served in four different fleets full time over the past 13 years. By far The Starbase 118 Fleet is the best I have served with. They have been the best at helping and shaping me into a better writer growing daily. I still have a long way to go, but I have come a long way from day one. I went back and read all my 1st months post a few weeks ago and I was like “WOW” they should have tossed me out the air lock and warped away. But the Command Crew and Mentors helped develop me more and more. Not only have I had a great time IC, but I have just as much fun with OOC work as well working with the Image Team, or on the Wiki, and playing on the Forums. I have come to feel like this 118 community is a large extended family. I have made some great friends on my ship and even some on other ships.

The Command staff in the fleet is some of the best I have ever seen. Not many fleets out there can you chat and brainstorm with the Fleet Adm. or other Commanding officers so freely. So I guess I am a Cheerleader or a groupie for the 118 fleet. I look forward to many more years of great simming and growing in this community.