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Member of UET: United Empire's of Threa'ya


Si'asha Taru

“We desire peace! We know war well. They will learn of our might! We will war until peace is restored! - Empress Nara Meyo, addressing the people on the day of the declaration of war on the Qiz'rith, 229601.01”

Si'asha Taru is The Commander of the Legion and Ambassador of the UET: United Empires of Threa'ya in command of the massive warp 4 capable ship named the UET Gofudras.


  • Full name: Si'asha Taru of the Taara Taru Clan
  • Date of birth: 237004.10
  • Species: Threan
  • Gender: Female
  • Hair Color: Orange
  • Eye Color: Yellow and Red

Professional History

Si'asha was given the rank of Kaya'kan (sergeant-officer) within the Threa'ya military and given a medium sized space vessel to command. She was a key element in many battles her people had in their war with the Qiz'rith. Later she was advanced in rank to Kana'ya-kas (Commander of the Legion), making her the second in command of the UETAF (UET: United Empire's of Threa'ya Assault Force). She was also granted the title of Ambassador and given command of the massive warp 4 capable ship, the Gofudras.

Personal History

Si'asha was raised to be proud and noble, surrounded by a privileged, military-class, family on her home planet of Threa'ya. She grew up happy and strong. Her clan's personal security was her best friends as she grew up and they taught her much in the ways of combat. When she got older, she graduated from a prestigious military academy with high honors.


Si'asha is brave, tough, rather bossy, and sometimes overconfident. Si'asha can be absent-minded at times, acting on rash impulse and not really thinking things through. She boasts great strength for her race, excellent agility, sharp eyesight, and impressive hearing. Her races incredibly tough fur and skin give her a natural resistance to many minor hazards and injuries. Perhaps as a result of her war-like upbringing, she is notably the most athletic of and brutal of her ship's crew.

Born into a proud clan, Si'asha takes great pride in her heritage and physical prowess. However, despite her sense of authority and entitlement, she is incredibly boisterous, clumsy and easy to anger, often causing her to act inappropriately at times. Her large ego prompts her to make remarks about the inferiority of other species compared to hers, and her hot-headedness can often result in her causing property damage.

Physical Description

Si'asha has light brown fur, curly bright-orange hair, with yellow and red eyes. Her attire consists mostly of purple, pink, and red colored clothing with silver armor and various accessories.

  • Build
    • Built/Athletic
  • Height
    • 4 feet 11 inches
  • Weight
    • 142 pounds

Habits and Abilities


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As a Youth

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As an Adult

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Worshiper of Sigitu Rota

  • Threans have a small and loosely practiced religious system. In their religion, there are only three gods, Si'asha and her clan mainly focus on the worship and scriptures of the goddess Sigutu Rota.
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Notes, and Trivia

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