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UET Gofudras
Commanding Officer: Si'asha Taru.
Class: Battleship.
Maximum Warp: Warp 4 (Up to 16 hours).
Armament-1: 2 High Power Laser Canons.
Armament-2: 15 Guided Torpedo Banks.
Armament-3: 5 Nuclear missile Banks.
Defenses-1: Polarized Alloy Plated Hull.
Defenses-2: Single Layer Shielding.

The UET Gofudras is the largest and fastest Threan vessel in the battleship class. It is commanded by Si'asha Taru.


  • Class: Battleship
  • Length: 434.22 meters
  • Beam: 433.46 meters
  • Height: 445.78 meters
  • Mass: 760,000 metric tons


  • Crew Complement: 280
  • Officers: 200
  • Support Crew: 80
  • Population Limit: 450


  • Cruising: Warp 1.6
  • Maximum: Warp 4.3 for 16 hours


  • Laser Canons: 2 High Power Laser Canons
  • Guided Torpedoes: Twenty guided torpedo launchers


  • Polarized Alloy Plated Hull
  • Single Layer Shielding
Basic Schemtics for the UET Gofudras.


The Gofudras was originally the prototype design for what is now the Warship class vessel. It is smaller than the Warship class vessels but remains the largest Battleship class vessel in Threan history. While its weapons are not as powerful as those of the warship class vessel's its complement of ammunition and shields are superior to any warship in the Threan fleet.

Prototype Phase

The G 22-4 was a groundbreaking design incorporating two different warp engine designs. The first is the main engine and it functions as many warp engines do, they power the engine and main systems of the ship. The second engine is a smaller engine that powers their shied, secondary systems, and lasers; it also serves as a backup engine to the main systems. The prototype was set aside for a time due to expense and resource demands and when the project was picked back up the first model was stored.

Phase 1

The G22-4 project went on to become the warship project and the original model was transferred to a storage colony. Once the warships proved to be ineffective in single combat against the Qiz'rith, the G 22-4 original model was brought out of storage and used to design the largest, best defended, fastest battleship class vessel the Threan military has ever designed. It's initial build, however, demanded too much energy for the proto-type two-layer shield that was installed and it was re-designed after its first year of active service.

Phase 2

The Gofudras (now named after the Demon of honor in Threan lore) was refitted with a more efficient engine and polarized alloy hull, as well as the most powerful model of single layer shielding available. It's communications relays were upgraded and nuclear missile launchers and stock were added to its armament.

Current Phase

The Gofudras is roughly as it was in phase 2 but it's internal computer systems were replaced and the decks were reconstructed to include a garden deck and incorporate more plant life throughout the ship. This plant life not only helped to supply fresh air but also supply medicines, teas, foods, and other raw materials.


  • 2 High power laser canons
    • Threan laser canons are unique for their type and produce very powerful solid-state laser [1] beams. These weapons are not as "powerful" as the phaser canons commonly used by the Federation and are easily deflected by standard Starfleet shielding. Through heat and intensity, However, they are theoretically more powerful; capable of carving through the entire hull of a galaxy class starship 14.3 seconds.
  • Nuclear missiles
    • Threan nuclear missiles are very fast moving guided smart bombs. These weapons have twice the power of the Tsar Bomba [2].
  • Guided Torpedos
    • Threan guided torpedos have nearly identical statistics as the spatial torpedoes used by Starfleet in the 22nd century [3]. The strength, stock, and re-loading speed make these weapons their most versatile and reliable armament on the Gofudras.


  • Polarized alloy hull plating [4]
    • The hull of the Gofudras is reinforced by a unique polarized alloy plating. This alloy was designed to withstand the force of Threan nuclear arms and torpedo technology.
  • Single layer shield
    • Unlike the shields commonly used by the Federation, Threan shielding is similar to its laser technology. An electromagnetic solid-state laser is formed between a set of relays, each shielding the other's relay with the exception of the master relay which is the lowest positioned relay and is guarded by twice the alloy armor thickness that the rest of the hull has. This form of shielding is excellent against non-phaser type laser technologies, however, even the weakest phaser weapons could pass through this form of the shield and lose only around 20% power. Strong phaser weapons could cut through the shield as though it were not there at all.
    • Most matter such as missles, torpedos, shuttles, and lifeforms (especially those with electronic functions) would be deflected and severely damaged if not entirely disintegrated upon solid contact. This shielding was developed as a response to the Qiz'rith threat.