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Intelligent Lifeform Index

Four Letter Code THRN
Federation Status Allied
Planet of Origin Threa'ya
Encountered 239501.12
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level H, Planet age
List of Named Threans

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Canine-humanoid race
hailing from the Eagle Nebula


Threans are humanoid but only have four digits on their hands and feet, this means they have three fingers and a thumb instead of four and a thumb as most humanoids do. They have long ears and short to medium length snouts. Their fur and hair color commonly come in shades of red, orange, brown, grey, and black. Their eyes are often yellow, orange, green and light grey. Most have two fangs that are so long they stick out even when the mouth is closed.

They are a short race standing on average around 5'ft 0" inches with females commonly around 4'ft 6" inches - 4'ft 11" inches and males reaching as tall as 5'ft 5" inches. Due to their height and features coming across as adorable and innocent Threans are often mistaken as children of other physically similar races such as the Catians.

Threans can reach running and sprinting speeds and have reflexes only matched by some of the agilest creatures in the galaxy. Their physical strength is no greater than the average Human equivalent of height and weight.

Threan Colony and Military placement map.
Charted and Colonized Threan and Qiz'rith Space.


Full Article: Threan/Full History

While their modern documented history can only be traced back to around 8000 years ago, there is sufficient archeological evidence that their race evolved on their planet and was among the first beings to exist on their planet. Threan stone tablets and scripture point to the development of written language and record keeping around 50,000 years ago. Their world has seen only a couple climate changing events, such as the ice age, in the entire length of time that life has existed on it.

  • Starting 12,000 years ago the Threans saw repeated periods of war for the next 3000 years, as these kingdoms slowly conquered and destroyed resisting kingdoms. The end of this prolonged period of world war came about when eight great kingdoms out of the dozen remaining united and struck a blow to the invading forces that crippled the three kingdoms and allowed for the eventual re-capture of territory and their fall. This period caused rapid development of scientific practice and understanding.
  • 200 years ago the warp engine was invented and the Threans began to explore and colonize space. After 100 hundred years of colonizing and exploration, the Threans encountered their first alien race, the Qiz'rith. The Qiz'rith is a fearsome and uniquely evolved race of space-dwelling insectoids. They are limited in intelligence, but are capable of organized hunting and assaults and their ability to survive and reproduce in nearly any environment including the vacuum of space makes them extremely difficult to defeat.
  • In the last 100 years, the Threans have unified as a single empire and formed a strong military force.

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Culture and Religion

Full Article: Threan/Society

Threans are a loose matriarchal styled society. This is really only represented in their family cast system and by the ruling force which is built of a council of eight female leaders with an empress serving as leader of the military. The Empress in this system has little more power than a general would in other systems, but she is also viewed as a sort of divine presence as she is blessed by their god of war and peace. It is believed that no matter how hard the battle is, so long as the empress is alive their army will eventually prevail. The eight council leaders are in turn the rulers of their respective territories and the heads of the most powerful and longest ruling family bloodlines on the planet.

  • Religion: Threans have a small and loosely practiced religious system. In their religion, there are only three gods.
    • Tospa Mulli- the goddess of life and love, it is believed that Tospa found their world when it was young and used her powers to bring about all the life now found there.
    • Gemonda Doma- The god of chaos and order, it is believed that the god of chaos and order is in constant conflict and it this conflict that causes disastrous events and miracles to occur all over the universe.
    • Sigitu Rota- The goddess of war and peace, it is believed that Sigitu is the youngest goddess and is responsible for gifting knowledge to the Threan people.


Full Article: Threan/Government

The Threan government is built of four branches.

  • The first is the Council of Eight. The Empress and military report only to this branch and the other three branches are subject to it's ruling regardless of previous laws or rulings imposed by the branches within their respective powers.
    • The second is the Council of Eighty, which it's self is divided into four cabinets named after the four directions Nefere (East), Henfre (West), Humasun (North), and Namusa (South). This council is elected by the Judges from amongst the available candidates within the highest class families. and is in charge of controlling economic issues, creating laws and policies as well as civil diplomatic issues between the ruling families territories.
    • The third is the Fumira'ira dief Hudau (Judges and Juries). The juries are rotated along a list of qualifying candidates. To qualify any Threan must simply meet the educational requirements and pay the licensing dues. Once an individual has served at least seven terms as a juror they can run for the position of judge. Judges are elected by the people from amongst the qualifying and running jury candidates. This branch handles common law disputes within their territories as well as all small civil cases.
    • The fourth is the Di'Fumira Banae (Three Judges Supreme). This branch is essentially a tribunal of judges who are elected from qualifying judges by the juries every seven years. To qualify as a Fumira Banae the judge must have served at least four terms as a judge in the Fumira'ira dief Hudau (Judges and Juries) branch. This branch oversees the trials of the other branches including the council of eight.

Planet of Origin

Full Article: Planet Threa'ya

Threa'ya. This planet is approximately 94% of Earth's size and its gravity is 0.86% of Earth's gravity. A single day lasts 22.04 hours and a year lasts 212 days. The planet is made up of 2 continents, which make up 73% of the planet's landmass which covers 52.3% of the planet's surface. The plant life on this planet is comprised mostly of different types of Poaceae [1], but many could be compared to flowers, as they come in almost every color and they have incredible scents.

Threan Language/Names

Threans in their entire history, the Threans have only developed six different languages. These six languages had their own slight variations according to region and tribe but the differences were small. The Threan people currently speak a language they refer to as Famana. It is a mixture of three previous languages that had spawned off of two ancient languages before them. This language is quite similar to the Terran language English in its development and use. Like the English language, it too has a written language built of twenty-six characters, but they have only one punctuation mark which is used as the 'Period' is used in English.

Translated Threan written language. Famana text.


The Threans naming system uses only two names. The first name represents the individual while the second name represents their family.

  • Male Threan names often start with 'Tu', 'Sa', 'Ge', and 'Fo'.
  • Female Threan names often begin with 'Si', 'To', 'GI', 'Su', and 'Fi'.

Encounter log

The UET: United Empire's of Threa'ya have not yet made contact with the United Federation of Planets.