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Map of planet Threa'ya


This planet is approximately 94% of Earth's size and its gravity is 0.86% of Earth's gravity. A single day lasts 22.04 hours and a year lasts 212 days. The planet is made up of 2 continents, which make up 73% of the planet's landmass which covers 52.3% of the planet's surface.

Colorful flowering grass on planet Threa'ya.
Colorful rice producing grass's on planet Threa'ya.

Plant Life

The plant life on this planet is comprised mostly of different types of Poaceae [1], but many could be compared to flowers, as they come in almost every color and they have incredible scents. Trees and larger shrubs make up most of the higher layers, but flowers and fungi are rare. Fabaceae [2] and Rubiaceae [3] make up the vast majority of the flowering plants in this world.

While the surface may have gorgeous forests the underwater world also has its fair share of forests. Mostly in the form of long, grass-like water plants, but there are a few places in this planet's sea's where actual underwater forests grow. The species in these forests are uniquely evolved trees, but they work in similar ways as surface species. Roots keep them in place, while a trunk helps carry the nutrients to every part of its body. At the top, the branch's often reach above the surface and sprout various leaves and flora, giving the water a mystical feel.



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Most the wildlife on Threa'ya is comprised of thousands of species of birds and reptiles, hundreds of amphibious species and over four million species of fish. There are approximately four hundred species of mammal including the Threans.


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The Threans are a canine, humanoid, race. They are the dominant intelligent species on Threa'ya.

  • They have four digits on their hands and feet and long ears with short to medium length snouts. Their fur and hair color commonly come in shades of red, orange, brown, grey, and black. Their eyes are often yellow, orange, green and light grey. Most have two fangs that are so long they stick out even when the mouth is closed.
  • They are a short race standing on average around 5'ft 0" inches with females commonly around 4'ft 6" inches - 4'ft 11" inches and males reaching as tall as 5'ft 5" inches.