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Intelligent Lifeform Index

Qiz'rith Hunter.jpg
Four Letter Code QZRI
Federation Status Other
Planet of Origin Qizrye
Encountered 239501.01
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level AS, Primitive Space Dwelling
List of Named Qiz'riths

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The Qiz'rith are a space-dwelling super-evolved insectoid species.

Encounter Log

The United Federation of Planets has not yet made contact with the Qiz'rith.

Planet of Origin



The Qiz'rith are a super-evolved insectoid race. They have extremely intricate and highly evolved bodies and can survive not only in the vacuum of space for hundreds of years, but they can also colonize and reproduce anywhere.

Their highly effective exoskeletons allow them to survive in close proximity to stars and swarms can be found circling stars and hot gas giants like rings around planets.

Although slow in comparison to starships, the Qiz'rith can travel quickly through space and have great maneuverability. Due to their dark reflective exoskeletons, it is nearly impossible to see them with the naked eye in space.

Qiz'rith swarms will enter a state of hibernation while floating through deep space. During this time their life signs are reduced to such a crawl that they may not appear on sensors and often are mistaken as debris. Ships that wander into a field of hybernating Qiz'rith have little chances of surviving because the energy output of their systems and engines is usually enough to wake the swarm.

There are three stages in the average Qiz'rith life cycle and four when counting the Queen Stage.

Types of Qiz'rith

Qiz'rith Drone
Qiz'rith Hunter
Qiz'rith Queen
  • Larval Stage: The Qiz'rith start life as a larva. This stage lasts for a varying amount of time depending of their surroundings. The average period of time lasts around 4,380 hours.
  • Drone Stage: The Drone is the first stage in the Qiz'rith life cycle once it hatches from its larval state. A Qiz'rith will spend approximately 175,200 hours in this stage of its life. The Drone stage is the largest and slowest stage, it's intellectual capabilities are near nil and it relies on instinct and orders from Hunters and Queens to survive. When a Qiz'rith is ready to transform into its next stage it will enter a short hibernation-like state and molt its exoskeleton. After about eight hours it will grow a new exoskeleton over its new form and it will become a Hunter.
  • Hunter Stage: Hunter's make up the largest percentage of the Qiz'rith population. They are intelligent and capable creatures. A Qiz'rith can spend around 876,000 hours in this stage of life and most will die in this stage making it the final stage in their average development.
  • Queen Stage: A Qiz'rith that reaches certain developmental needs in its life can transform into a Queen. Population, resources, and percentage of male and female hunter's are all major factors that play a role in the transformation of a strong hunter into a Queen. Queen's are very intelligent for their race and are capable of coming up with rudimentary plans for attack in conflicts and invasions. Someone wanting to control a swarm of Qiz'rith would need to control at least one Queen to effectively do so.
Charted and Colonized Threan and Qiz'rith Space.


Currently, the only known history of the Qiz'rith is the recordings made in Threan history since their first encounter.

  • In the sectors that soon after became labeled with letter's instead of numbers, to distinguish them from Threan territory, the Threans first encountered the Qiz'rith. In sectors A, B, and C Threan explorers and colonists encountered Qiz'rith swarms while investigating solar systems and asteroid fields. The Threans suffered major casualties and the sectors were soon declared war zones and Threan military forces were posted in the adjacent sectors 17, 18, and 19. Since then the Threans have used systems of probes to explore sectors before entering them and with this tactic, they have located the majority of Qiz'rith hive locations and have marked the sector's under Qiz'rith "control".