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Cadet First Class
Karynn Ehlanii
Karynn LtCmdr Red uniform.png
Science Officer
USS Centris-A

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While on her training cruise, Karynn is sent on an away mission with her XO (Sidney Riley), a medical officer (Gwendolyn Hilzarie), and a security officer (Morgan Kadar) to help scientists on the Caldonian Research Station, Praxis. This incident showcases one of her weaknesses, engineering, and it is one she regretfully refers to as "The Door Incident."

((Caldonian Research Station Praxis))

::The shimmer of the blue beam caused the bridge to fade into pixels while the Caldonian station merged with it then took over. They found themselves in a large abandoned room. It was fairly dark, with just the light from some red emergency lighting and the lights from the helmets of their EVA suits, but from what she could see, Karynn was struck by the coldness of the bare metal-walls and exposed struts. It was functional, to be sure, with cabinets along the walls and equipment on tables, but it was certainly not homey.::

Kadar: Stay within sight of each other. Always look behind yourself. The way back looks different. If we get separated, we'll meet back here.

Hilzarie: And what if we aren't able to get back here for one reason or another? :: Gwen asked with eye brow arched. ::

Kadar: In that case, you'll be able to call out and give us your location.

Ehlanii: Good thinking.

Kadar: I'm not in charge. I'm security. It's up to me to keep you alive if not safe.

Ehlanii: ::grinned:: Well I, for one, appreciate that!

Riley: Quite right Kadar. We don't want any surprises. Cadets Hilzarie and Ehlanii how far are we from the Caldonians' location?

:: Karynn checked her tricorder which was already set to monitor for nucleonic radiation, but before she could reconfigure it, Gwen piped up.::

Hilzarie: The Caldonian Life signs are coming from about 500 yards in that direction.

Riley: Kadar continue to monitor the area, I don't want anything jumping out on us unexpectedly.

Kadar: Got you covered, sir.

Riley: OK, which direction do we go?

Ehlanii: ::she pointed to a door in the far wall:: The source of the nucleonic radiation seems to be coming from that direction

Hilzarie: That way. :: Gwen re-indicated the direction of the Caldonian life-signs. ::

Ehlanii: The scientists seem to be in that direction. ::She pointed to the wall that was perpendicular and to the left of the wall that she had originally pointed out - the wall that Gwen had just indicated.

Riley: We'll head that direction then. First priority is to find and stabilize the Caldonians' condition.

Hilzarie: Yes ma'am.

Ehlanii: oO Yeah, I suppose we should save the scientists first. We should have brought an engineer to fix the life support.Oo

:: Karynn followed as Gwen lead the team through the winding corridors of the station, their path lit by the red emergency lights and the lights on their EVA suits. As they walked, Karynn changed her tricorder so it would pick up life signs, just in case. Luckily it seemed that there were no Ferengi between the away team and the Caldonian scientists. By the readings on the tricorder she could see that the temperature around them was dropping fairly rapidly to match the very cold temperatures on the planet outside. oO I'm glad we have EVA suits to keep us warm. Despite the physical training she had done in Starfleet, Karynn began to feel a bit tired walking around in an EVA suit with an extra 15 pounds of metal from the pattern enhancers on her back as they wound their way through the dimly lit corridors, making turn after turn while always trying to aim for the location of the scientists. For the most part the doors that they had encountered had opened as they approached. However, with the scientists just a few yards away, they came to a locked door.

Hilzarie: Karynn, any chance you can get this open without blasting a hole in the door?

Ehlanii: ::with a wry grin:: I can try. Lock-picking wasn't exactly my specialty.

::Karynn took a look at the door control on the wall. After considering it for a moment, she popped the panel off and looked at the control disks inside. Luckily, the Caldonian door controls looked like they might have a similar configuration to the federation door controls. She studied the readings from her tricorder. oO If only I had done well in engineering. Maybe if I pull this crystal...Oo As she pulled the crystal a second door slid down and locked in front of the first. Karynn sighed.

Kadar: Was that on purpose, cadet?

Ehlanii: No, sorry. I think I just made it worse. Maybe we could just get the scientists to let us in?

Riley: Is that a possibility in their condition? Kadar, do you have any ideas on how to get this door open?

Kadar: I know of one way, sir. ::Looking around at the rest of the team and raising her rifle. Her eyes rested on the commander seeking permission.::

Ehlanii: If you guys want to try, I can watch the rear.

Riley: Ok, We'll try it Kadar's way. Do you think you could possibly disable the door controls with the phaser?

Kadar: They'll open or we can blast the hole we didn't want to.

::Karynn felt kind of embarrassed at the fact she had just made the door worse, so she vigilantly watched the corridor, while the rest of the away team got the doors opened. When they were done, she followed them into the room. Sure enough, the scientists were huddled in a corner of the room, almost unconscious and trying to keep warm and safe. They seemed startled as the team entered. Karynn held up her hands in an attempt to calm them down.::

Riley: Kadar take point. I'll be right here with you. If anything happens I want us through first.

Kadar: ::moving to the right side of the door, her rifle held has if it were a pistol –a long-range pistol:: Yes, ma'am, I'm ready.

Ehlanii: Please don't be afraid. We heard your distress call and we're here to help. We think we have a way to stabilize you and treat the mutations in your DNA.

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