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Fleet of the Romulan Republic

With the destruction of most of their shipyards, the Romulan Republic has relied on the surviving military that sided with them for their defense. Because of this, many of the newer Romulan ships were lost. In an effort to instill tradition with much of their re-purposed fleet, most of the Romulan Republic's uniforms are reminiscent of their 23rd century design.

Ships of the Line

Utilizing many ships from mothball and purchased weaponry, the Republic fleet is filled with old style, but tough warships to defend their limited territory. The Romulan Republic have also used the assumed weakness of the old frames to their advantage against their enemies. The old hulls do well with hiding the new shield and weapon upgrades that the Republic has purchased over time.

All Romulan vessels are equipped with cloaking devices unless stated otherwise in their description.

T'Krell Class


  • Class: T'Krell
  • Length: 69.6 m
  • Weaponry: 2 disruptor cannons; 1 plasma torpedo; 2 phaser arrays

Vas Hatham Class


  • Class: Vas Hatham
  • Length: 150.1 m
  • Weaponry: 4 disruptors; 1 plasma torpedo; 4 phaser arrays

T'Varo Class


  • Class: T'Varo
  • Length: 185 m
  • Weaponry: 2 plasma cannons, 6 phaser arrays, plasma torpedo

D'ridthau Class


  • Class: D'ridthau
  • Length: 500.5 m
  • Weaponry: 5 disruptor arrays; 3 torpedo Launchers; 3 rapid fire plasma cannons.

D'Deridex Class


  • Class: D'Deridex
  • Length: 1041.13 m
  • Weaponry: 6 disruptor arrays; 2 torpedo launchers; shield inversion beam

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