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Small excerpt for the Federation Diplomatic Brochure on the Romulan Republic.

When it comes to dealing with the Romulan Republic, the first move that any citizen of the Federation or diplomatic representative should do is not make any comparisons between them and their older government, the Romulan Empire. The Republic prides itself on being different then the abusive and xenophobic Imperials of old. This also means not to assume that they are opened armed and ready for anything. The cunning and sly nature was must be taken in to consideration.

At present, the Romulan Republic is expanding its holdings through unclaimed space and the remnant of the Imperial space. Much of their trade and political efforts are focused towards creating deals and treaties that would protect the safety and economical prowess of their new holdings.

One of the key things that anyone dealing with them must realize is that the Romulan Republic does not wish to replace their old heritage as they consider themselves very traditional. They believe that their culture needs some tweaks and that the past ways of dealing with other governments had been wrong to begin with. To sum up, the Imperials believe that We are better than you while the Republic's mentality is We know what is better for you..

Another very unique facet to the Republic's culture is that both Romulan and Reman have put aside their old hatreds and are considered equal citizens. Though in places, the Romulans remain in control of facilities while the Remans' mine and preform the labor, it is believe that this is because these things are what they were good at. The Republic charter makes a point to say that All citizens of the Republic, no matter the species, are equal citizens in the eyes of the state..

Though old hatreds have not completely died, they have come to realize that if they do not cooperate, they die.

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