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The Rigelian Trade Commission is an agency responsible for regulating trade within the Rigelian Assembly. It operates on the colony world of Rigel X].


Initially, the Rigelian Trade Commission was the Jelna initiative to form a united government of the Rigel system, adopting the vulcanoid Rigelian name. The trade commission would act as a governing body that watched over the member worlds and colonies as they traded with outside species. Even the Orions, whom already had ancient trades agreement with Rigel V, would join the Rigelian Trade Commission - this would later prove to be little more than a symbolic gesture as natives of Rigel VIII, relying very little on the Rigelians and branching out beyond the Rigel system once again, ignoring the trade commission's oversight.

At some point before the 2000s, the trade commission would be split into two - the Rigelian Trade Commission would continue to oversee all trade by the Rigelian system (excluding Rigel VII and VIII), moved to operate on Rigel X, and the Rigelian Assembly would be formed to create the governing body for the Rigel system, making Rigel V the capital of the Assembly. In both cases, Jelna Rigelians would find themselves in positions of power for both governing bodies.

By February 19th, 2164, the Lorillians and the Axanar were pressuring the Rigelian Trade Commission to enact security and anti-piracy laws, or even to join the Federation to gain Starfleet protection in the Kandari sector.


During the mid-22nd century, the Trade Commission utilized Rigelian scout ships.