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Rigel V expulsion and re-admittance into the Federation

In 2293, a Rigelian vulcanoid trade delegation representing the Heart Clan were involved in negotiations with the Federation on Earth, due to them being suspected of being involved in illegal activity such as prostitution and animal skin trading. This round of discussions took three weeks before the members of the clan were collected by the USS Enterprise and escorted back to Rigel V. However, during this time, Rigelian Ambassador Denker was assassinated by criminal elements and the truth of the event was revealed, through a mind meld with Teska, who served as a witness.

This led to the revelation that there was a wide spread criminal element actively engaged in many criminal acts, the worst being child slavery on Rigel V. As a result the Federation council held a discussion and a vote that resulted in the Rigelians being expelled from the Federation. This resulted in a series of reforms in order for the Rigelian government to comply with the Federations laws. Once they had managed to make the changes needed and were able to prove that they were complying with all Federations laws they were allowed to apply to be readmitted to the United Federation of Planets.

In 2297, the Federation met, debated and voted to allow them to be readmitted to the Federation. However after being readmitted, the Rigelians were noted as being somewhat reclusive, with them sending few youngsters to Starfleet Academy and they seldom took part in conferences or trade talks. The one area in which they did contribute to the Federation, however, was in the field of medicine.

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