Remote Control (Victory)

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Remote Control
238709.03 - 238711.10

Stardate 238709.05
When a strange turn of events leaves the Victory's computer in chaos, the crew is recalled early from their already shortened shore leave. A full crew compliment is brought aboard, just in time to help with a total sensor overhaul which needs to be completed in less than 36 hours. Lt. MacKenna puts every available hand to work on the project, keeping everyone awake throughout the night. Finally finishing just over the deadline, she makes her way to the bridge to report. Meanwhile, a remotely controlled agent is found to be working aboard the Victory. Guided by waves of energy originating from an unknown source, the agent not only tries to kill at least one officer, but puts the entire ship in danger as well. The threat is neutralized before it can grow, but the remote transmissions continue. Ensign Tali, the chief engineer, finds a way to target the origin of the energy waves using the holoemitters from the EMH in sickbay. Without as many redundancies built in as other computer components and systems aboard, the EMH has suffered severe damage, causing it to act very uncharacteristically and even rude. When a torpedo is fired on the station, and a blast rocks the Victory, the crew must act fast to locate the source of the transmissions, as well as the agents still on the ship.

Stardate 238709.23
At least one traitor is located aboard the Victory, but before he can be questioned, he ends up on the wrong side of the shuttle bay forcefield. Pieces of the mystery start to fall together as the crew tries to find the source of the halted energy waves, but before they can go any further, two major things happen. First, two ships appear out of nowhere and begin to attack the station. Second, Admiral Rocar is located in the executive tower of the station. The crew of the Victory is able to beam him away as the station's shields are brought down and a new defensive grid is put up to resist the attacks, however the Victory is made to escape the situation. While the starbase seemed to have known something about the creatures and their attack, the Victory is still in the dark and unable to effectively defend themselves. The Admiral's return is quickly diminished as he falls into unconsciousness shortly after arriving in the ready room. Sickbay is called, and Commander Jaxx, along with the help of Commander Webb, retains command for the moment. Jumping to warp and heading towards the Azure Nebula, the crew and ship prepare for what might prove to be a rocky future.

Stardate 238710.02
The Victory heads into the Azure nebula as the crew attempts to find answers to their growing number of questions. More traitors are found on board as the crew struggles with internal sensor errors. The Chief Engineer is attacked, and ends up in sickbay next to the still unconscious Admiral Rocar. Though her wounds are easily healed, they bring up an important question; how was a phaser fired on the ship without triggering the warnings that would otherwise let the senior staff know about such a weapons discharge. As the Chief of Security begins her search for the answer, the science department begins searching for something to give them an edge against the creatures if the Victory should run into them again. With the help of Engineering, and some overly general information from the new Intel officer, Lieutenant Commander Webb, the crew begins to unravel the mystery of the insect aliens and the strange occurrences aboard the ship.

Stardate 238711.17
Within the nebula, the Victory never encounters the insect creatures that attacked the Starbase, but they did run into a Romulan freighter with two Valdore class escorts. Though they tried to run silent and avoid confrontation, the Romulans detected a shuttle sent from the Victory to recover the freighter, which it was discovered, was transporting cloaking devices to the instectoids. The Victory's mission was to recover the devices at all costs to keep the insectoids from becoming nearly impossible to beat. The Romulans, however, would stop at nothing to make sure that their cargo was not taken. The ensuing firefight left one officer critically wounded, and another in a coma. While the ship limps back to the Starbase, Ensign Tressa fights to recover from physical wounds and possible brain damage, while the rest of the crew holds the ship together until they can make it back for repairs. Shore leave looms on the horizon, and the crew begins the break that they so much need.

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