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The Asylum




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Kael's Garage


Kael Thomas is the owner of the sole garage and petrol filling station in the town and it serves the outlying communities as well. The garage itself is an old building which has seen better days and its grounds are a little overrun with weeds. Despite appearances it's well equipped and knowledgable staff always get the work done to a high standard. Because of this the garage gets a lot of repeat business and everyone knows there's no better place to get your vehicle repaired. Kael is also a qualified electrician and his small team of mechanics have been known to do odd jobs around the town and at the hospital.

Police Station


The police station run by Chief of Police Mark 'Eerie' Swift is surprisingly well staffed and equipped for such a small town. As with most of the other services and amenities in the town it serves the outlying community as well. Although the building is old and a little dreary it's in fairly good condition on the outside.

Inside the building, in the basement they have their forensic labs and this is where their colourful forensic specialist Richard Matthews spends most of his time. The holding cells are in the basement, giving the inmates no view of the outside.

Ravensville Hospital and Psychiatric Centre


Located on a hill in the center of Ravensville, the Asylum is visible from all areas of the town. The facility is comprise of both a hospital wing and a psychiatric wing, under the management of the Chief of Medicine, Diego Herrera and the Chief of Psychiatry, Greir Reinard respectively.

The Asylum has seen better days. It is run down, ramshackle and in serious need of redecoration and renovation. Inside, the decoration is drab and grim; the graffiti on the walls is a testament to the lackluster management style of the current leadership's predecessors. Notoriously, those committed to the asylum very seldom find release.

Plaza Caglia Restaurant and Bar


The Plaza Caglia Restaurant and Bar is the premier venue in the whole of Ravensville. Co-owned by Messrs Jyoslav Strus and Leo Handley-Page, the Caglia serves as a cafe and diner during the day, and converts into a bar and karaoke venue after dark. Strus is master of all things cullinary, whilst H-P is the 'host with the most' in the evenings. To the outside World at least, the business partnership seems to be going well. Takings are steady and there is a loyal customer base. However, behind the scenes things are strained. Leo's growing problem with alcohol and poor attention to detail is causing friction with the more business-minded Jyoslav, and in private the two men barely speak.

The Caglia was a target recently during the riot that swept through Ravensville in protest at the asylum's presence. Leo, a former soldier, went to defend his establishment from the mob. The police were called to assist and in the commotion a rioter pulled a gun and prepared to fire at Leo. However a brave young police officer, Eyas Wulfantine, managed to push Leo out of the way but died from the resulting hail of bullets. This had a marked effect on Leo, causing him to drink more heavily.

High Street and Shops

Estate Agent and Todd Manius's Apartment

Greir Reinard and Chen 'Smiley' O'Dara's House

Ravensville Highschool

Mark 'Eerie' Swift & Scania 'Nia' Calderan's House


Mark bought the small green house at 2804 Grave's End Street when he was promoted to chief a number of years ago. It isn't a big house, and only about 1100 square feet of living space. Probably the most important feature to Mark was the proximity to work and the garage that houses his personal vehicle. His cat 'Bob' can be seen sometimes in the picture window looking out. The house has been spruced up a bit with Scania now moving it.