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Mark 'Eerie' Swift is currently the Chief of Police at the Ravensville Police Station.

Some say Mark ‘Eerie’ Swift has been the Chief of Police for as long as the town has been standing. The tall, formidable officer has a reputation for being someone you just don’t want to mess with. Ever. Some say he got his nickname from the town he was born in, whereas others say it’s because having someone that big standing looming over you when you’re so drunk you can’t stand is more than a little eerie. Others say that it’s because the perpetually formal, dry tone in which he speaks sends a chill down their spine.

Eerie takes his work pretty seriously and is responsible for keeping the peace and managing the station staff. He also knows the origins of most phrases you would care to use in casual conversation. Additionally, there are suspicions that his badly behaved pet cat has, in fact, been trained by terrorists.

Mark was born in Erie County, Pennsylvania in 1966. He graduated Erie East High School in 1984, and then joined the military. He passed basic training and passed the training for the US Army Rangers. He was in the Rangers from 1985 to 1992 were he was assigned several combat roles and was slightly injured in the Gulf War, and finally resigned earning an honorable discharge at a staff sergeant. He applied to various police forces and was accepted by the Ravensville Police Department. He had been Chief now for a number of years.

He still liked to stay in good physical condition, running normally 3-4 times a week. He had a black and white cat named 'Bob'. Mark has been dating Scania "Nia" Calderan for about 6 months and she agreed to move into his small house just before the holidays.

Mark was previously married during his time in the Army, but it broke up because of his long deployments. This is his first 'serious' relationship since the divorce.

While his hair is a bit longer that when he was in the service, he still keeps himself on a some what strict schedule. He is formal with most people and will only open up a bit with some of his close friends. He makes it a point to get to know everyone in town. He is a very visible person.

During Christmas he proposed to Scania "Nia" Calderan, and she accepted.

Internation Scout.jpg

Mark's 1972 International Scout, which he normally keeps in the garage. He has included Scania on the insurance and she now had keys to the vehicle. Eerie has always liked the vehicle since his time as a paperboy. He finally found a vehicle like it and restored it to perfect operating condition.

Mrs. Tills house.jpg

This is the house that Eerie thought he visited for the past twenty years to visit one of the most influential persons in Ravensville, Mrs. Till. Only to find that the house is abandoned, and had not been lived in for a long time, and no trace of anyone was found inside. It had caused Mark to question his judgement, but he plans to investigate. At least on an informal basis.

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