Pieces (Amity)

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Pieces (Amity)

  • Episode: S1E7 (2399)
  • Stardate: 239907-239909

Brief Summary

The crew of Amity Outpost return home for some much needed rest and recovery.

  • Lt. Cmdr. Wil Ukinix attempts to adjust and come to terms with being split into two separate versions of himself, one fully Betazoid, and the other full Human.
  • Ensign Nathan Richards attempts to come to terms with the loss of his arm while taking on a shuttle project as prescribed therapy from Lt. Cmdr. John Carter.
  • Lt. JG Scotty Reade and Lt. JG Kivik embark on a holo adventure as King Arthur and the Wizard Merlin, meeting some interesting characters along the way. Lt. Cmdr. Wil Ukinix Decides to join in on the fun by standing in as a "Bandit Leader" and attempting to thwart the King's quest.
  • Ensign Nathan Richards Assists Lt. JG Kivik with maintenance tasks around the SRC, sticking his fingers into a cluster of inactive Borg Nanoprobes resulting in an isolated lockdown while matters were taken care of.


New Characters Introduced