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A phaser rifle is a powerful weapon used for special circumstances and missions when heavy hostile retaliation is expected. Unlike the type 2 phaser, it is not standard equipment on an away team.

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Standard Issue

Type 3 Phaser Rifle

The redesigned Type 3 Phaser Rifle was first introduced in 2373 with two models, the Type 3a and Type 3b. It has since undergone several revisions, and the current model was introduced in 2379. Although not part of a standard away team's inventory, the Type 3 Phaser Rifle is the standard heavy weapon carried aboard most Starfleet vessels and stations.

  • Total length: 76.2cm (30 inches)
  • Weight: 4.5 kilograms (9.9 pounds)
  • Power Settings: 1-16
  • Firing Modes:
    • Single - As with any other phaser weapon, one shot per pull of the trigger.
    • Sustained - A sustained beam or stream, which is useful for cutting through obstacles or wearing down force fields or the target's resistance. Activated by holding the trigger down.
    • Burst - Capable of firing up to twenty-five pulses of energy within a second. Burst fire coils store energy in a similar way as a phaser cannon, charging all the coils with the energy for the imminent firing. The coils cannot hold the energy for long, and the energy is allowed to dissipate out of the coils to avoid an overload. This reduces the life span of the power pack by approximately 50% and causes the coils to visibly glow, emanate heat, and emit sound at 45 decibels, which limits its use in many combat situations. There is a delay of 0.02 second between pulses allowing the user to engage multiple targets.

In 2400 a new design of rifle began to be phased into the fleet. Though shorter in length and lighter, the new design of rifle was less flexible as a tool and more a straight weapon similar to the recently designed Type 2 hand phaser that began being issued later in the previous decade. These new weapons are pulse fire only and are capable of only two settings, stun and kill. The power settings were done in this manner to make quick operation simpler and lessening the likelihood of accidentally firing on the wrong power level.

  • Total Length: 61cm (24 inches)
  • Weight: 3kg (6.6lbs)
  • Power Settings: stun, kill
  • Fire Modes: single, fully automatic

EVA Phaser Rifle

The EVA Phaser Rifle is specifically designed for use in extra-vehicular activity (EVA) operations. Its weight and output has been calibrated to operate well in various hazardous conditions, such as near high radiation fields and in zero-G environments.

Compression Phaser Rifle

A proven and favorite weapon of many Starfleet officers since the 2370s, the Compression Phaser Rifle has seen less frequent use in recent years as its various technologies have since been incorporated into the latest model of the Type 3 Phaser Rifle.

Type 33 CQC

The Type 33 Close Quarters Combat Phaser Rifle is the newest addition to the Starfleet armoury. Production began in early 2388 in response to problems and concerns raised by Starfleet officers participating in the retaking of space station Deep Space 17 during the Second Battle of Eratis. The Type 33 CQC's compact design is intended to make operating in confined spaces, such as the corridors and Jefferies tubes of DS17, far easier.

  • Total Length: 688mm (27.08 inches)
  • Weight: 2.54 kg (5.6 lbs).

Recently, a new rifle has been introduced on certain vessels, a Pulse phaser designed to be used in the same fashion and along side the Phaser 3. the Phaser Mark 93 B semi automatic rifle

Search and Rescue (SAR)

Starfleet Search & Rescue is a sub-organisation of Starfleet that combines all active branches of the service, including the StarFleet Marine Corps. The organisation is managed through a number of autonomous operations centres, usually referred to as SAR Ops. Due to their specialized mission profiles, SAR teams employ a number of armaments not typically stored among other standard issue Starfleet weapons.


The Type 33A1, as its name suggests, is an updated variation of the Type 33 CQC. As SAR operational requirements demanded more compact and versatile -- yet still powerful -- weapons, the Starfleet Corps of Engineers began producing the 33A1 in mid-2389. Though very similar to its predecessor, the 33A1 features a shorter barrel, lower profile, and the inclusion of a rail system onto which operators can attach a variety of scopes and optics according to situational requirements, personal preference, or both.

The 33A1 is the primary weapon for Starfleet Search and Rescue going forward, due to its compact design and versatility.

  • Total Length: 602mm (23.7 inches)
  • Weight: 2.54 kg (5.6 lbs).

Type 28

Initially designed as a special operations rifle for the Starfleet Marine Corps, the Type 28 was quickly adopted as a useful mid-level workhorse rifle for Search and Rescue. Though not as compact as the Type 33, the 28's modular nature makes it a very useful tool -- the targeting sight can be swapped out for several different types of sight and the folding fore-grip can also be removed and replaced with a flashlight, scanner or one of several other types of tool.

Type 28 rifles were used during the failed SAR mission to Duster's Range by the crew of the USS Constitution-B.

Type 204 SOSAR

The Type 204 SOSAR (Special Operations - Search And Rescue) has the distinction of being the only phaser designed specifically for Starfleet Search and Rescue. Based loosely on the Type 200 rifle -- which is still used by some marine contingents -- the 204 SOSAR includes many improvements, including an adjustable telescoping stock, a rail system to allow the attachment of various scanning and infrared tools, an extremely durable plasteel body and the standard attachment of a grenade launcher (primarily for using "flash-bang" grenades).

The SOSAR is clearly a rifle used in more hostile situations, where it is known ahead of time that a SAR Team will face serious opposition to their goals from well-armed adversaries.

Type 32 and 32A OSR

A rather larger rifle, the Type 32's base design was adapted to become the Type 33 CQC. A workhorse rifle, the 32 is still used in many combat situations, primarily by Starfleet Marines, but also in some situations by Starfleet Security. Many prefer its more ergonomic design to that of the SOSAR. Its length makes the 32 generally ill-suited to SAR operations, but its Operational Support Rifle variant -- the Type 32A OSR -- has become standard equipment in any Search and Rescue department. Essentially a sniper rifle, the 32A goes by the much less militaristic sounding name of "Operational Support Rifle." The 32A OSR shares the same body as the Type 32, with a longer barrel, more advanced and higher quality targeting sight and a folding bipod. The purpose of the OSR is to provide support for evacuations and protection for SAR Team members performing their duties in hostile environments.

Other Weapons

Isomagnetic Disintegrator

The Isomagnetic Disintegrator is a powerful shoulder-mounted weapon used in extreme combat situations.

TR-116 Rifle

The TR-116 Rifle delivers a lethal projectile rather than a phaser beam. Originally designed for use in dampening fields or radiogenic environments where conventional energy weapons are useless. The rifle fires a chemically propelled tritanium bullet and can be modified to use a micro-transporter to beam the projectile into a nearby room at lethal velocity at the time the trigger is pulled.

Starfleet opted not to produce the weapon after the advent of the regenerative phaser. A prototype was developed and its replicator pattern remains on file if needed; however, the weapon remains unapproved for standard use on Starfleet installations.

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