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Divisions and Personnel Assignments

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Starfleet Security is a component agency of the military organization associated with the United Federation of Planets. Starfleet being the naval branch of the Federation, it is understood there must be a law enforcement branch to enforce laws and policy, investigate breaches of those laws and policies, and provide protective services to Starfleet vessels and installations.

The United Federation of Planets is an organization that is analogous to the United Nations of Earth in the 20th and 21st centuries, with a simpler breakdown of resources which would be closer to the United States Department of Homeland Security.Various branches formed under the umbrella of the DHS included investigative and enforcement agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Central Intelligence Agency, and Secret Service; each of which had similar, yet unique duties. The UFoP oversees a multitude of organizations within the Federation umbrella, each having specific duties associated to their respective jurisdictions.

Starfleet Security is similar to the United States Navy Military Police as it was in the 21st century. The Security Officer's duties include providing security, implementing policy and preserving stability within the Fleet.

Pre-Mission Duties

Pre-Mission duties of the Starfleet Security Officer begins with the mission briefing. This briefing, usually administered by the section chief or the mission commander, is a compilation of the information obtained to date about the mission at hand. The briefing underlines the parameters of the mission, including key players, expected outcomes, potential complications, venue, and other components of the mission. After the briefing, the mission commander or security department head can assign components of the pre-mission planning to members of the security department. The planning for the mission from the security aspect can be delegated into two components; Risk Assessment and Risk Management.

The completion of the risk assessment and risk management component of the pre-mission planning helps to identify the mission specific and general equipment that will be needed by the security team. The selection of equipment is to be approved by the Chief of Security and the mission commander.

Each member of the security department who has a role in the mission should familiarize themselves individually with the mission requirements, possible threats, and desired mission outcomes. Any questions or comments regarding the mission should be directed to the Chief of Security, who should discuss the issues with the mission commander.

In-Mission Duties

Once the mission is underway, the duties of the Security Officer are pretty mapped out. The primary duty of the SO is the preservation of life, specifically the protection of Starfleet staff. The Captain and First Officer of any facility or starship are considered an indespensible component of the operation within Starfleet, and therefore take priority.

Security aboard ship will be assigned duties during the mission to protect vital areas onboard ship. These areas include the bridge, weapons storage, vital computer areas, sickbay, engineering, etc. Security Officers protect these areas from unauthorized access, sabotage, or other illicit activities.

Outside-Mission Duties

When not directly involved in an active mission, the Starfleet Security Officer will have duties onboard the ship or within the installation. The duties could include general patrol duties, trainings, and other duties as prescribed by the Captain.

Most ships in the fleet employ a rotating duty shift schedule which allocates crew to duty stations according to staffing requirements. Staff assigned to these duty stations are expected to perform their duties for the duration of their tour. Most crew members, at the end of their duty tour, go off duty and are free to engage in whatever social, educational, or extra-cirricular activity they choose.

For the Head of the Department

The head of the Security Department, or Chief of Security, is responsible for all the duties of the Security Officer as well as the administrative duties of the Security Department. This means the COS will be tasked with writing schedules, conducting staff reviews, completing internal investigations, reviewing policies and procedures, recommending disciplinary actions to the FO or the Captain, and preparing mission briefings for the security staff.

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