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Divisions and Personnel Assignments

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Security forces provide basic police duties on ship, as well as protective duties to landing parties. Some Security personnel will take additional training as Starfleet Marines, but this is rare. Usually, Security officers minor in Com/Ops. Only after they graduate in a major, may they go on to specialize in a field, if preferred.

Starfleet Rangers

  • Starfleet Rangers have the status of a special branch of Starfleet Security. Starfleet officers from any department can serve in the Rangers under the aegis of the Security Branch. Some remain with the Rangers for many years, while others serve only a single tour of duty before accepting assignment elsewhere, usually a posting to a starship or starbase. Since the formation of the Rangers, Starfleet has seen an increasing number of career Ranger officers, who have devoted their entire career to the organization. These officers are valued for their experience and their ability to teach their skills to a new generation of Rangers.
  • Starfleet Rangers is a fairly recent innovation in the service. The Rangers emphasize planetary survival skills and the ability to work alone for long periods of time, allowing Rangers-operating both singly and in small groups-to explore, patrol, and protect the borders of Federation space.

Protective Operations

  • Protective Operations Officers are responsible for the safety and protection of senior Starfleet officers — typically captains or above — and in some cases civilian guests. It can be a diverse role that encompasses a variety of skills, including close protection (personally guarding the VIPs), piloting and ensuring the security of a VIP's shuttle, counter-intelligence (preventing unwanted surveillance of the VIP), ensuring the security of any visited locations, and more.


  • The HAZMAT certification is a joint Medical and Engineering test focusing on the officer's ability to clean up hazardous spills and messes.
  • This is mainly for Medical and Engineering Officers, however a small minority of Security Officers, depending on their qualifications may apply.

Rapid Response

  • A joint Command and Security qualification, certifying the individual is capable of a high degree of readiness for rapid response missions.
  • If the Rapid Response Officer billet is filled then that officer can administer the certification.
  • The Rapid Response Task Groups are also reffered to as Hazard teams, in honour of their founders from the USS Voyager.

Threat Response

  • This is a Security section test which qualifies one to take a Security or Tactical station in the Operations Center or on an auxiliary vessel. It is considered cross-training in certain limited, emergency duties. The tests reflect knowledge of how to use the ship's weaponry, the protocols for internal security emergency response, and the rules governing use of external or internal force.
  • By definition, all Tactical and Security officers on active and unrestricted duty, as well as certain officers designated by billet assignment (such as the Diplomatic Security Officer), hold this certification for as long as they hold their billet.

Demolitions/EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal)

  • A joint Security and Engineering test which qualifies an officer to handle explosive ordinance for both placement and disposal.
  • This job now tends to be carried out by the Starfleet Marine Corps (SFMC), however few Starfleet Officers hold this qualification.

Mission Security

The Mission Security certification is a Security test which will qualify an officer to serve as a Security operative on an Away Team. Concurrent with their billets, all Security Section officers on active and unrestricted duty hold this certification.

  • Medical personnel, due to interstellar laws prohibiting medical officers from bearing sidearms on Away Missions, may not take this certification. Sciences officers are discouraged as well.
  • This certification is intended for Operational Support personnel (Operations and Engineering officers) as well as junior Command personnel who wish to be authorized to bear sidearms and serve as adjunct Security personnel on Away Missions. By definition, active/unrestricted duty Security Section officers hold this certification for as long as they maintain their billet in good standing.

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