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USS Constitution-B


Sundassa Faranster

STO Commander Teal.jpg

  • DoB: 236206.25
  • Height: 1.8034 Meters (5'11")
  • Weight: 63kg (140lbs)
  • Eye color: Lilac
  • Hair Color: Lilac

Service Ribbons & Awards

Awards ServiceRibbons LifesavingSilver 2011.jpg

Favorite Sims

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Sundassa is a Medical Officer on the USS Constitution-B


Full Name Sundassa Faranster
Race Antosian
Date of Birth June 25th
Place of Birth Antosia
Age 29
Gender Female
Telepathic Status None


  • Height: 1.8034 Meters (5'11”)
  • Weight: 63kg (140lbs)
  • Hair Color: Lilac
  • Eye Color: Lilac
  • Skin Tone: Caucasian
  • Build: Slender
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): Casual, sometimes dress, but warm being that the ship is cooler than she is accustomed to.
  • Shoes: Flat soled shoes, height is already taller than many of the women on the ship.
  • Handedness: right


  • Quarters: Warm, friendly, ocean noises playing in background.
  • Physical Limitations: Not quite as stong as others, her planet had less gravity than others.
  • Temperament: Friendly
  • Habits: When nervous, sometimes she plays with the end of her braid.
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: Agnostic, but believes in reincarnation.

Likes and Dislikes

  • Likes
    • Home made food
  • Dislikes
    • Replicator Food


Marseen Ex-Boyfriend Marseen was Sundassa's childhood sweetheart, and presumed Ba'vira. That changed when he decided a joyride in a military spacecraft was more important than her.
Andrus "Andy" Jaxx Ex-Fiance Sun had been drawn to Jaxx from the moment she met him, first starting with being "starstruck" by his presence the first time she met him. Charmed by him at a getting to know you lunch he had with her. But everything seemed to connect when he pushed her off a cliff in Izar. They shared their first kiss in the rain next to the lake they went cliff diving at, and she all but moved into his quarters, spending whatever time she was welcome to spend there. Before her brother Shelther arrived on the Apollo, Jaxx and Sun decided that they were in an exclusive, committed relationship. After Jaxx was promoted to Rear Admiral, he proposed to her, and she gave up her promising career to stay with him. However things weren't meant to be, after months of being neglected due to the increased workload, Sun called off the engagement. Even though she was the one to call it off, she was still heartbroken by it.
Jalana Laxyn Best Friend Jalana was Sun's boss and mentor when she first started on the Apollo. They worked together closely in Sickbay, and Sun felt comfortable confiding in her. Jalana helped her prepare in the event she needed extra medical attention due to blood loss or organ damage, and Sun was the first to hear of Jalana's engagement. While Sun made sure to extend the same privilege to her friend about her relationship with Jaxx.


  • Marital Status: Single


Visual File Name Information
None Yet Teem Faranster Father
None Yet Mindysta Faranster Mother
Shelther Faranster Brother (5 Years older)
Yogar Faranster Brother (3 years younger)

Personal History

Sundassa was born as the middle child of a couple owners of a successful farm on Antosia, Mindysta and Teem Faranster. Both siblings are brothers, however one if 5 years older, the other 3 years younger. The farm itself is settled on a nice acreage of land, allowing the stars to shine down on them in the night sky.

Her years growing up were spent riding horses, helping her parents with the farm, playing in the lake nearby, and at night, looking up at the stars, wondering what was out there, feeling drawn to them. Her uncle, Dajax, only helped fuel her need to be among them by telling her stories of his journeys as he was stationed on board one of the Antosian cruisers.

Sundassa wearing her hair down, offduty.

Her older brother, Shelther, was also made curious by the stories, but at the same time he wanted to help their parent's farm continue to flourish, so he studied sciences and joined the Antosian military, hoping to find methods to assist on the farm. Her younger brother, Yogar, decided to help from home.

Sun's path, however, became clear to her in a moment of helplessness. She was watching her younger brother and his friend, a little girl, Emmye, enjoying taking a ride on their horses. Suddenly the horse was spooked, throwing the girl, who ended up with injuries that were fatal. Sun wasn't sure if she had medical training if she could have saved the girl, but she certainly could have made her more comfortable. Since then, she worked hard and got into medical school.

After that, she was taken back to the stars, she was thinking the Antosian military as a doctor, since they had better research, and it would keep her close to home near Marseen. That plan changed when she graduated Medical School. There was a party in her honor, and he was supposed to be there to share the moment with her, and support her. But at that moment, he felt that a joy ride in a military spacecraft was more important than showing up. Left brokenhearted and humiliated by his actions, Sun decided to join Starfleet Academy instead.

At the Academy, even with a diverse group of people, she still stood out, as her natural hair color announced her before she could get any words out. She also was considered to be a bit of a food snob, regarding replicated items, and wasn't invited frequently to go out. This provided her with ample time to work on her studies, but she found herself frequently lonely.

Her studies consisted of Medical training, but she continued her education into the alternate field of Communications and Operations, after a simulation in her Diplomacy class. She had been curious how different situations would have panned out. One of her classmates in one of the shared classes, explained his major and how it got down to the basics of running a ship. She was further intrigued by the fact that it would allow her to get to know her fellow crew members in a less clinical manner. After the training, she still felt more comfortable in her medical training, but had the knowledge to go into a different field if needed.

She was assigned to the Apollo right after graduation, and upon arriving she was thrown into her first away mission, first shuttle crash, first field operation. And her first time since she started her journey through medicine feeling helpless for her patients, when they were stranded on the planet. It left her a bit shaken for a couple days as she got used to all the changes.

Shortly after Jaxx and Sun parted ways, the Senior Staff including Jaxx were held hostage alongside other patrons of the restaurant they were dining at. She worked with the help of her fellow officers, both old and new, to rescue the occupants of the restaurant. She kept on point, even though she was concerned about her friends. Due to some creative talking from Lieutenant Vincent Pierce, who caused a chain reaction of chaos that allowed the senior officers to subdue the captors, Sun and her rescue team were able to storm the building. What she regrets about that incident, was that she didn't ensure that Lieutenant Marcus Raiden knew who the senior officers were, which caused Jaxx to get shot in the process.

Even though Sun at first wanted to take things slow, because of the shooting, she realized that she should live life and embrace the passions that come with living. Since she embraced that, she has moved forward with a relationship with Jaxx. Even though at first things happened pretty quick, they feel completely right to her. Only time can tell where they go, but if it is as fun as where they have been, she doesn't mind the journey.

Since then bonds of friendship formed while others dissipated. Her and Vincent Pierce no longer seemed to see eye to eye. Marcus Raiden was responsible for shooting the man she cared about, but also responsible for her realizing that she should live without regrets, so she had mixed feelings about him, and later felt bad that she had spent so much of the time she knew him, before his death, upset at him instead of getting to know him. Lieutenant Commander T'Mar and her decided to dive into their own little adventure, testing out the combat practicality of jousting.

It was after she had started seeing Jaxx, but before they became serious, that he offered her the First Officer position. Since then she has been trying to balance the life of Lieutenant Commander Faranster, and Sundassa Faranster. She was still getting a hang of taking care of the ship, and watching out for the crew in a non-medical way, but sometimes it was harder to put away the doctor inside her. At the same time, she has to maintain a professional relationship with Jaxx while on the bridge, keeping her personal relationship behind closed doors.

Only when her brother came aboard, did she finally reveal her relationship to her best friend, not wanting Jalana to think she was keeping secrets.

During the first few days of her brother's visit, she found out the hard way that the men in her life conspired together. Her brother suggested target practice since she was now First Officer, and no longer a medical officer. Little did she know that he planned on teaching her a lesson about planning experiments that could be harmful just for the sake of knowing the answer. When they arrived at the holodeck, Jaxx was there to test her, as was part of the conspiracy between the two men. As she was finishing up the test, and target practice, he brother took his opportunity and shot her. It was later that she found that Jaxx was part of the planning, and they hijacked her experiment to see what a phaser felt like.

Mission Log

List of Missions

USS Apollo
Mission Name Date of Mission
"Above and Beyond" 239001.01 – 239004.01
"The Price of Freedom" 239005.24 – 239007.25
"Gate to the Gods (Summer Blockbuster)" 239008.19 – 239012.19
Omega One 239012.30 – In Progress

Random Trivia

Sun has a holo picture of her brothers and her, sitting on their horses.
In every mission so far she has used the phrase 'Freaking Fracking Jelly Smacking':
  • First time in response to being left on a planet with two injured colleagues
  • Second time in response to a colleague causing more trouble with hostage negotiations.
  • Third time in response to a Vulcan deciding to try to do the Vulcan neck pinch on her.
  • Forth time in response when a Klingon charged onto the Bridge.
  • Fifth time in response to an alien AI appearing on the bridge and proceededing to hack their computers.
Her promise to Jaxx has been so far 'I'll be there' or a modification of that to be 'I'll be here.'
Her favorite color is yellow, and wears it frequently off duty.


Education and Procedures
Standard Medical Studies (Antodia, Star Fleet Academy)
Extra Studies * Musculoskeletal Pathophysiology (Antosia)
* Internal Medicine (Antosia)
* Respiratory (StarFleet Academy)
* Cardiology Systems (StarFleet Academy)
* Dermatology (StarFleet Academy)
Physiology Studies Specific Major/Minor Species * Terran, Vulcan, Betazoid, Bajorian (StarFleet Academy)
Additional Extra Studies: *Took additional courses for Communication/Operations
Notable Medical Procedures: * Emergency Field Ventriculostomy on Commander Ra
* Creatively kept Lt Commander Jalana Laxyn from succumbing to poisoning


Chronological History
Year Event
238406.15 Graduated Medical School.
238407.22 Started StarFleet Academy.
238607.20 Started Specialty Classes in Medicine.
238807.18 Started Additional Training in Communications and Operations.
239001.07 Graduated StarFleet Academy and Took Her Final Examination.
239001.15 Promoted to Ensign and assigned to USS Apollo as Medical Officer.
239004.14 Promoted to Lieutenant JG
239004.14 Promoted to Assistant Chief Medical Officer
239005.28 Promoted to Lieutenant
239007.25 Promoted to Lt. Commander
239007.25 Promoted to First Officer
239105.05 Temporarily in Command of the USS Aegis
239107.30 Assigned to the USS Apollo-A as First Officer
239108.19 Promoted to Commander
239109.6 Stepped down from First Officer to take position as Chief Medical Officer
239112.8 Stepped down from CMO to take position as Medical Officer

Career Overview
Insignia Rank Dates Assignment Posting
STO Ensign Teal.jpg Ensign 239001.15 - 239004.14 Medical Officer USS Apollo
STO Lieutenant-JG Teal.jpg Lieutenant JG 239004.14 - 239005.28 Assistant Chief Medical Officer
STO Lieutenant Teal.jpg Lieutenant 239005.28 - 239007.25
STO LtCommander Red.jpg Lt. Commander 239007.25 - 239105.5 First Officer
STO LtCommander Red.jpg 239105.05 - 239107.30 Commanding Officer USS Aegis
STO LtCommander Red.jpg 239107.30 - 239108.19 First Officer USS Apollo-A
STO Commander Red.jpg Commander 239108.19 - 239109.06
STO Commander Teal.jpg 239109.06 - 239204.01 Medical Officer
STO Commander Teal.jpg 239204.01 - present USS Constitution-B

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Commanding Officer
Jalana Rajel
First officer
Diz'mim Ch'Nilmani
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Operations Officer
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Chief Tactical Offr
Atan T'Seva
Tac/Sec Officer
Kim stapledon final.png
Engineering Officer
Kimberly Stapledon
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Engineering Officer
Mingxing Shimisi
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Medical Officer
Eleanor Park
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Science Officer
Indrid Yirah
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