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STO Lieutenant-JG Teal.jpg
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Nak'aqi Socxo
Position Assistant Chief Science Officer
Rank Lieutenant JG
Species Klingon
Gender Male
DOB 236812.11
Age 32
Birthplace Kronos
Awards & Service Ribbons
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons medicalscience 2013.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons FirstContact 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons JointMeritoriousUnit 2011.jpg

Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Medical Science Ribbon
First Contact Ribbon
Joint Meritorious Unit Award

“Every action has it's own reaction”

co-opted by Nak'aqi Socxo, currently serving as Science Officer of the USS Za



  • Height: 5 feet 11
  • Weight: 92 kg
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Eye color: Dark brown
  • Handedness: Left

Service Record

Academy.jpg 239308.01 - 239308.09.31
Starfleet Academy Cadet
Major: Science - XenobiologyMinor: Sociology, Urban Studies
Academy Transcript
Starfleet Academy
Starfleet Academy
Insignia Rank Dates Assignment Duty Post
004-Cadet1st-Teal.jpg Cadet, 1st Class 239308.01 - 239308.09 Nova-icon1.gif
USS Centris-A
Cadet Cruise
Science Officer
01-Ensign-Teal.jpg Ensign 239308.09 - 239310 USS Za
Science Officer
02-LieutenantJG-Teal.jpg Lieutenant (JG) 239310 - Present USS Za
Assistant Chief Science Officer


  • Parents:
    • Father: Rei'go Socxo
    • Mother: Is’Ka Socxo
  • Siblings: Two
    • Elder Brother:: Grevoki Socxo
    • Younger Sister: Ushalli Socxo
  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None


  • Quarters:

Socxo Quarters.jpg

The room of Nak'aqi is a bit in the vibe of the Klingon culture and tradition. The room is darker then other rooms and has a certain candle smell to it. Nak'aqi uses the room to meditate to control his anger and flush out all frustrations. He got a D'k tahg with dry blood on it on his cabinet that symbolize his passing to adulthood.

His desk is surrounded with books of old and PADDs to assist him in understanding the fundamental basis of behavior, people and every species out there.

Professional. He spends most of the time in the Science lab to investigate and study various species behavior, their habitat and why they act as they act. He also works closely with various Medical Installation to research and expand the knowledge of known Viruses and Bacteria in the Galaxy. Everyday he learns something new of a new discovery.

  • Habits: Taps at the side of his console when being concentrated on something intense
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: Undecided
  • Hobbies and Pastimes: Medidating
  • Likes: Bloodwhine
  • Dislikes: Tribble, Poor command choices
  • Ambitions and Goals: To be acknowledge as the Scientist he is
  • Achievements in Life: None notable
  • Disappointments in Life: His lack of interest in combat, makes him feel less Klingon
  • Temperment: Quickly hot temperment
  • Mental problems (complexes and phobias): None diagnosed
  • Physical Limitations: None diagnosed


Born on the homeworld of the Klingon Empire, Kronos, in 2368 under the care of Rei'go and Is'Ka Socxo of the House Socxo. Nak'aqi was born as the second oldest of the family as Ushalli was born into his family a few years later. The House of Socxo is a minor house that does the bidding of the House of D'ghath. Rei'go has to aid the Hous of D'ghath in combat on many occasions.

Nak'aqi was in a way unique in his own personal development as he had little to no interest in warfare. Even though his father had forced him to train with him every day so that Nak'aqi could defend himself. No his interest was focused on Science and Engineering, to explore the unknown and try to figure out impossible puzzles.

When reaching the Age of Ascension Ceremony, he barely manage to succeed in the ritual. Nak'aqi felt those pain sticks for at least a few more weeks after it. When he completed his Warrior Academy he received the rank of SuvwI' wejDIch (Warrior 3rd Class) and served for a short period under his father defense guards. But at the same time behind the back of his father and even his family he kept himself in a learning state towards that of Science and Engineering elements.

But after a while his father did notice it and burned all his books, work and everything related towards his ambitions of becoming a Science or Engineering Officer. Out of rage he grabbed his gear into a bag and after a cursing fight with his father, where he finally throw his rank pip onto the ground and spit on the ground, he left the House hall and took his ride towards the stars.

He wanted to start over, to follow his own dreams. But that was not going to be easy as the path laid ahead of him was the Federation one. He asked for asylum and after a period of three month with narrow investigation he was finally accepted into both the Federation space and the Academy. The day to day progress was brutal, not that anyone challenged him, he was rather alone and no one seeked out any contact with him. He is afterall a Klingon, but the exam would hopefully make a difference.

After succeeding the Academy exam he was assigned towards the USS Za. An exploration vessel to explore the unknown south and as they embark the new journey the Za plots a course towards a First Contact situation with a species called The Deep. They however had a hidden agenda and wished to get assistant with an urgent matter that involved their people dying. Nak'aqi did what he could to put all his knowledge and resources to the test. With his experience in bacteria and viruses could come in handy in the situation. After running countless of simulations he assisted [Cattan] and [sh'Voria] and resulted in the cure for The Deep. He received a Medical Science Ribbon for this, promotion towards Lieutenant Junior Grade and the position as Assistant Chief Science Officer.

Aboard the USS Za



Relationships: Personal


Is’Ka Socxo

Is’Ka is a Klingon and is known by her status as Lady of The House of House Socxo. Previous she served as a Head Colonial Guardian that brought much pride towards her own family and later that of Socxo. Her status currently is alive and being the wife of Rei'go that is currently the Lord of The House of House Socxo.


Rei'go Socxo

Rei'go is a Klingon and is known by his status as Lord of The House of House Socxo. Previous he served the Klingon Imperial Fleet on various battle ships and was involved in glorious battles that are known through the Empire. He believes holy that the Klingon Empire should expand again by force of war, but currently the High Council does not tend to agree with him. His house serves as medium house towards the House of K'gash, Lord Gunk'un K'gash is member of the High Council and uses the House of Socxo as military asset.


Grevoki Socxo

Grevoki is a Klingon and currently serves on a Klingon Bird of Prey as Weapons Officer. Nak'aqi and Grevoki relationship is equal as blood brothers, Nak'aqi would do anything for his brother as he was trained by him to become a self respected Klingon he is today.


Ushalli Socxo

Ushalli is a Klingon and currently is in the teaching to become a Priest to serve the Empire as spreading the war creed. Ushalli has allot of respect for her elder brothers and even defended Nak'aqi in his path towards Science. But was punished by order of her father by defying him, Nak'aqi took later over the punishment as gratitude towards his little sister

Relationships: Professional

Zalea Solzano.png

Zalea Solzano
Commanding Officer

Nak'aqi has only read reports and spoken briefly towards Zalea, but thus far he agrees on the methods and orders the Captain is using and giving out towards her crewmembers.

Awards & Commendations

Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 239308.09
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.
Awards ServiceRibbons medicalscience 2013.jpg
Medical Science Ribbon 239310
Assisted sh'Voria and Cattan in their research for The Deep cure.
Awards ServiceRibbons FirstContact 2011.jpg
First Contact Ribbon 239310
Meeting the species The Deep
Awards ServiceRibbons JointMeritoriousUnit 2011.jpg
Joint Meritorious Unit Award 239310
In a joint mission with the Klingon Empire to find a cure for The Deep

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