N'Keth T'Sehn T'Prana

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USS Astraeus
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N'Keth T'Sehn T'Prana
Position Science Officer
Rank Ensign
Species Vulcan / Betazoid Hybrid
Gender Female
DOB 237704.09
Age 23
Birthplace Oxeania, Betazed
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Ensign N'Keth T'Sehn T'Prana is currently serving as a Science Officer aboard the USS Astraeus. (A table of contents will be automatically generated below this line - you won't see it in the edit window but it'll be right there once you save the page!)


  • Height: 5'8
  • Weight:
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Black
  • Build:



  • Parents: N'Keth T'Sehn Varith & Huni Oseik
  • Siblings: N'Keth T'Sehn Sasek & N'Keth T'Sehn Rwostrama
  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None

(Description Here)


T'Prana was often described by others to have a calm and quiet demeanor, somewhat snobbish and disinterested with others especially those who had particularly strong emotions. She is a traditional Vulcan through and through, rarely induling in her mothers culture and seeing little reason to. Logic has become her way of life in order to keep her emotional outbursts and sensitivities in line. Though, that is not to say she does not indulge herself from time to time, away from prying eyes. Smiling at a particularly happy passage in a book she's reading in private, occasionally engaging in humor, albiet, very dry humor with others which often goes over their heads and watching theatrical drama's on her Padd.

Underneath her stoic expression lies a very gentle and kind person afraid of her own impulsivities which cause her to keep everyone at an arms length. She spends most of her free time pursuing her hobbies of artistry and botany, the former she keeps to herself as the songs she composes are often very personal to her. She spends most of her free time pursuing her hobbies of artistry and botany, the former she keeps to herself as the songs she composes are often very personal to her.


  1. Singing - Taking after her mother, T'Prana is a talented singing and often composes her own songs and melodies however she rarely feels comfortable performing in front of others. She has a beautiful singing voice, with a clear and strong tone that carries well. With a timbre is rich and warm and capable of conveying a wide range of emotions through your singing, whether it be the soulful depths of a ballad or the spirited heights of a upbeat number. Despite her adversity to performing in public she has a rare talent for using it to connect with her audience and move them emotionally.
  2. Playing the Vulcan Lyre - T'Prana has been playing the Vulcan lyre ever since her uncles introduced her to the instrument in her youth. She often plays in her personal time and composes her own music.
  3. Flower Arrangement - T'Prana finds this activity very claming and relaxing, she takes her time to craft each arrangement tailored to a specific theme or a person should she choose to gift it to someone. The language of flowers fascinates her and when she tries to form a connection with others she often uses specific flowers and arrangements to convery her emotions. Employing the use of various flowers from dozens of planets she grows in the botany lab.
  4. Acrobatics - Instead of combat T'Prana chose to immerse herself in acrobatics thanks to her love of dancing and performing when she was young.  She has dedicated a significant amount of time and energy to practicing and mastering various acrobatic maneuvers and techniques which allow her to climb various surfaces and contort her body.

Chronological History

T'Prana was born to N'Keth T'Sehn Varith and Huni Oseik. A V'Tosh Ka'tur father and a Betazoid mother on Betazed in the city of Oxeania where she spent most of her childhood till the age of 11. Her father was an Astrophysics Professor and her mother a singer and theater performer on Betazed. She and her older brother Sasek were telepathically gifted which caused problems for most of their childhood due to their lack of control over their emotional impulses. After several violent incidents in her childhood she and her brother started to consider turning to logic and contacting their relatives on Vulcan for help.

During the Tragedy of Betazed her parents were presumed dead and so they were given to their family on Vulcan. Later, it was found that they were alive but by that time their clan had full custody over the two siblings and refused to return the children with the argument that their parents were incapable of raising them properly. She spent the rest of her adolescent life on Vulcan before enrolling in Starfleet, inspired by the story of Commander Spock. Underneath her stoic expression lies a very gentle and kind person afraid of her own impulsivities which cause her to keep everyone at an arm's length. She spends most of her free time pursuing her hobbies of artistry and botany.

Service History

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Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
PICstyle-cadet4 blue.png
Cadet 2396 - 2400 Starfleet Academy
PICstyle-ens blue.png
Ensign SD 240001.31 - Present USS Astraeus
Science Officer

Awards & Service Ribbons

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Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 240001.31
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.

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Commanding Ofc.
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HCO Ofc.
101 & 000
HCO Officer
C. Caldwell
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Science Officer
Slav Shewytch
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Sylvie Doucet
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Chief Ops Ofc.
Esa Kiax
Chief of Tac/Sec
Anjar Thoran
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Tac/Sec Officer
Charles Matthews
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Chief Engineer
Cadfael Peters
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Valin Dermont
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Wyatt Ral
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