Morowa Danjuma

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USS Constitution-B
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Morowa Danjuma
Position Engineering Officer
Rank Master Chief Petty Officer
Species Ligonian
Gender Female
Birthplace Ligon II

Warrant Officer Morowa Danjuma is an Engineering Officer on the Starbase 104. She is a NPC played by Jalana Rajel.


  • Height: 6'1
  • Hair: natural black short frizzy; wears wigs of all kinds, colors and lengths
  • Eyes: black
  • Build: well shaped through training
  • Age: 29


  • Mother - Anahid Danjuma - Deceased
  • Father - Nahuma Danjuma - Deceased
  • Brother - Nahute Danjuma
  • Spouse - None
  • Children - None
  • Friends - Katelynn Meyer (Beginning friendship)


  • Food: Ligonian cuisine is her go to. She has tried alternatives if the database doesn't provide the dish she wants. Prefers strong flavours.


Morowa was the first born of Anahid and Nahuma Danjuma, her brother followed 5 years later. Her parents provided her with all she needed, a good education and traditions to follow. She grew into a proud and strong woman who chose her own path in engineering. Past events with the Federation had made her wonder why they were so behind so she wanted to learn enough to help bring her people forward in the race for technology.

When she was 23 her parents died in an accident, and as the oldest child and only daughter, she inherited all of their property. Her brother, now technically homeless was permitted by her to remain to protect it to his best ability. That allowed her to continue her wish to learn more about technology and she left the estates in his hand while travelling to attend Starfleet Academy.

But she grew impatient and didn't want to wait the whole time to get finally in space and continue her studies through hands-on work. So she changed from the Officer's path to attend the enlisted training program. After successful graduation from the program she was stationed on a small Miranda Class ship. But she began to feel constrained and limited in what she could learn after a short time already and requested a transfer. She worked there for almost 3 years rising up through the Enlisted ranks. That transfer was approved then, 2.5 years after it was handed in, and she was stationed on the USS Constitution-B, a Galaxy class ship.

2398 she was transferred to Starbase 104 as Engineering Officer.

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