Mercury Crew and Guest Quarters

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All crew and officers' quarters (with the exception of the Captain’s and First Officer’s quarters on Deck 2) are located on decks 4-8 and 17-20; with special variable environment quarters on Deck 17 for crew with special comforts. VIP Quarters are located on Deck 3.

Individuals assigned to an Oracle class for periods over six months are permitted to reconfigure their quarters within hardware, volume, and mass limits. Individuals assigned for shorter periods are generally restricted to standard quarters configuration. Crew Quarters: Standard Living Quarters are provided for both Starfleet and non-commissioned Officers. This includes their families as well, those officers with children are assigned larger quarters with viewports. Crewmen can request that their living quarters be combined to create a single larger dwelling.

Due to the mission profile of the Oracle class Vessel, crew accommodations aboard are generally more comfortable than other ships of the line.

Officers' Quarters

Starfleet personnel from the rank of Ensign up to Commander are given one set of quarters to themselves (cohabitation is not required). These accommodations typically include a small bathroom, a bedroom (with standard bed), a living/work area, a food replicator, an ultrasonic shower, personal holographic viewer, and provisions for pets.

Officers may request that their living quarters be combined to form one large dwelling.

Executive Quarters

The Captain and Executive Officer aboard an Oracle class both have larger quarters. These quarters are more luxurious than any others on the ship, with the exception of the VIP/Diplomatic Guest quarters. Both the Executive Officer's and the Captain's quarters are larger than standard Officers Quarters, and this space generally has the following accommodations: a bedroom, living/work area, bathroom, food replicator, ultrasonic shower, old-fashioned water shower, personal holographic viewer, provisions for pets.

VIP/Diplomatic Guest Quarters

These quarters are located on Deck 3. They include a bedroom, spacious living/work area, personal viewscreen, ultrasonic shower, bathtub/water shower, and provisions for pets, and a food replicator. These quarters can be immediately converted to class H, K, L, N, and N2 environments. They are far superior in fit and finish when compared to Starfleet Officer quarters.