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USS Discovery-C
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Meng Ishkan Tian
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Lieutenant Meng Ishkan Tian, a Kerelian, is currently the Director of Intelligence assigned to USS Discovery-C.

General Information


  • Full Name: Meng Ishkan Tian
  • Race: Kerelian
  • Date of Birth: 236409.16
  • Place of Birth: Kerelia
  • Age: 24 Terran years
  • Gender: Male
  • Telepathic status: T3Telepathic/Empathic Scale


  • Height: 1.75 meters
  • Weight: 78 kg.
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Length of Hair: Medium
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Skin Tone: Gold
  • Birthmarks, Scars: Left wrist, left thigh, right chest, lower back
  • Build: Athletic
  • Carriage: Walks with confidence
  • Poses (Hands/Gestures, Feet/Legs, Torso/Head): Quizzical, head tilted, eyes looking upward in thought
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): Shorts or athletic wear
  • Shoes: None unless required
  • Voice: Sing song
  • Handedness: Ambidextrous


  • Quarters: Walls decorated with blade weapons. Forcas III Bat'leth Junior Championship Standing trophy displayed on shelf,
  • Habits: Meditates every morning before Bat'leth conditioning; drinks two cups of Terran coffee before duty
  • Mannerisms: Always has a quizzical or mischievous look on his face
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: Spiritual Universalism
  • Hobbies and Pastimes: Martial arts, composing music, Klingon opera, collecting Klingon antiques
  • Likes: Anybody that is honest, mischievous, care free
  • Dislikes: Anybody who views the universe as being "half empty instead of half full" when things don't go their way or there is a problem
  • Ambitions and Goals: Become Chief of Star Fleet Intelligence. Stylize a unique form of martial arts combined with music
  • Achievements in Life: First Kerelian to compete in Forcas III Bat'leth tournament. Achieved Junior Championship Standing in tournament. Graduating Starfleet Academy and assigned as an Intelligence Officer.
  • Disappointments in Life: Not spending enough time with brother, Sarkis, before joining Star Fleet

Meng Ishkan Tian is a happy go lucky Kerelian who views the universe as a challenge, not as an impediment to ones desires and goals. An old Terran saying, "the cup is always half full", helps us understand his upbeat attitude. Meng is a student of Klingon culture, and is heavily influenced by the Klingon philosopher, Kang K'tark (Kang the Seer). K'tark wrote: "One needs not have a space chart to reach a destination, one just needs to know the destination". That is all Meng needed to know to guide his life.

Meeting the brash Kerelian could be quite the experience. A trusting person, Meng mostly assumed what he is told is true. Believing that there were only three ways to answer a question -yes, no, I don't know- Meng would berate a person if he felt he was lied to or given incorrect information even if the giver had the best intent. This could be an annoying trait for if Meng was certain he was right, he would not let the subject drop. Having an eidetic memory Meng found out means you are only correct on things that you know about, not what you think is correct.


  • Marital Status: Single
  • Children: none
  • Parents
    • Father: Arshak
    • Mother: Nshan
  • Brother: Sarkis

Personal History

Meng Ishkan Tian was born to Arshak and Nshan on the planet Kerelia in the province of J'latoun. Meng's parents, both professors at the Kerelian Institute of Technology, encouraged Meng at a a young age to explore all that was around him. All Kerelians from a young age study music and are well versed in most of the galaxies genre. Meng and his brother were no different. Ironically, Kerelian culture discourages creation of new music styles and his parents, Kerelian fundamentalist, adhered to this philosophy. Meng was not content to just study the music styles of others. He wanted to express his creativity and create his own unique music. So at the age of sixteen Meng applied to and was accepted to the the Aldebaran III School of Music. At first Ashkon was not happy with his son's decision and offered no support. Nshan had been more aware of her younger sons adventurous nature and always felt it was a matter of time before he would spread his wings. She eventually was able to convince Ashkon it was for the best and on 238008.23 Meng hugged his parents and brother and boarded the transport Beltran for Aldebaran III.

Meng was a master of many martial arts and to no ones surprise soon became fascinated with Klingon culture. Soon he had mastered mok'bara and competed in many competitions. On StarDate 238101.26, at the age of 17, Meng traveled to the Gamma 400 System where Starbase 12 was hosting the UFoP's martial arts championships. In the quickest knockout in the competitions history, the young Kerelian defeated the reigning champion to earn the T'letyn Sash (Grand Champion). It was only natural that he also mastered use of the Bat'leth. His talented use of the fearsome blade was noticed by a Klingon student while on Aldebaran III and subsequently was the first Kerelian to be invited to the annual Bat'leth competition on Forcas III. He finished the competition with many injuries but was able to achieve Junior Champion Standing.

After his graduation the young Kerelian was restless and wanted to see more of the Galaxy. He traveled extensively to refine his martial arts skills as well as his language skills. While winning more and more competitions in both music and martial arts something was still missing. As a child he loved a mystery. So after a few days of thought and sub-space communications with his parents, he submitted his application for Star Fleet Academy and was soon accepted. Surprisingly Arshak was more supportive this time than Nshan. On 238501.20 Meng packed up his Bat'leth and entered Star Fleet Academy. Now he just needed to decide between Star Fleet Marines or Star Fleet Intelligence. Cadet Tian's journey had started.

Professional History


Professional History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
DS9style-cadet1 gold.png Cadet 238501.20-238809.15 Star Fleet Academy Major: Intelligence
Major: Science
DS9style-cadet4 gold.png Cadet 1st Class 238809.16-238901.15 USS Centris-A Cadet Cruise
DS9style-cadet4 gold.png Cadet 1st Class 238901.16-238901.23 UFOP:SB 118 Academy Graduated
Tactical Officer
DS9style-ens black.png Ensign 238901.23-238904.05 USS Discovery-C Intelligence Officer
DS9style-ltjg black.png Lieutenant J.G. 238904.06-238906.18 USS Discovery-C Intelligence Officer
DS9style-ltjg black.png Lieutenant J.G. 238906.18-Present USS Discovery-C Director of Intelligence
DS9style-lt black.png Lieutenant 238907.15-Present USS Discovery-C Director of Intelligence

Special Duties

Special Duties
Insignia Rank Dates Special Duty Assignment
DS9style-ltjg black.png Lieutenant J.G. 238901.29-Present Species Development Committee Historian: Kerelian,Efrosian,Denubulan

Awards & Commendations

Awards and Citations
Ribbon Award/Citation Date Awarded
DiscoveryplaqueC2.PNG None None

Narrative Description of Service

Star Fleet Academy

Meng Ishkan Tian entered Star Fleet Academy on StarDate 238501.05. Being the third Kerelian accepted to Star Fleet Academy was an honor. The first being Lieutenant Commander Nella Daren and the second Major Heath West. Unlike most cadets, Meng knew what posting he wanted after graduation: Star Fleet Intelligence. Ever since he was a little boy he was fascinated with spy and mystery novels from all over the Galaxy. His favorite book was by Earth's Joseph Conrad, The Secret Agent. Fluency in seven galactic languages, (Romulan, Klingon, Cardassian, Chrysalian, Delbian, Tholian, and the almost impossible Jaradan) combined with his martial arts skills would seem to be a good fit for a career in intelligence.

Cadet Tian wished there was a minor for Star Fleet Marines but that was something that could not be had. He did make Marine friends and trained with them when the opportunities were had. The hardened Marines were impressed with his toughness and expertise with the Bat'leth and invited him to holodeck battle simulations. During his 1st year he met and became fast friends with 2nd year cadet Vek'Ma, a Klingon, who was aspiring to be the first Star Fleet Marine. They spent many hours not only in the gym but listening to Klingon opera.

The first year for the cadet was surprisingly dull. He arrived at the Academy prepared for the grueling physical training and his mental discipline from his music and martial arts background allowed him to focus on his studies where he excelled. Always with a smile and upbeat attitude, Cadet Tian became a favorite at the academy. He spent much of his spare time helping those who had problems with the physical training and organized a mok'bara club. This was leadership by the cadre and soon they tested his abilities by assigning him as a Cadet Squadron Leader.

Cadet Tian was able to Major in both Intelligence and Science. He had already met the Cultural Studies and Language Studies requirements prior to entering the academy. It is not unusual for cadets with eidetic memories to double major.

The years passed quickly for Meng. An exceptional cadet, Meng did have a few run ins with the Dean of Students for tardiness. Although not proven, Meng's taste for Aldebaran Whiskey and late nights with other attractive "attractions" in the San Francisco area might have been the cause. The following is from a cadre's evaluation on Cadet Tian:

"Cadet Tian is a very upbeat, glass is half full, type of cadet. The cadet has an eidetic memory and can recall any event or fact that he has ever been exposed to. This ability along with his natural superior Kerelian hearing has graced Meng with the fluency of 7 galactic languages. Cadet Tian is interested in being assigned to an Intelligence posting aboard a StarShip. I highly recommend Cadet Tian further his intelligence training and be assigned as an Intelligence Officer."

Cadet Tian graduated on StarDate 238809.15, 5th in his class, with double Major in Intelligence and in Science.

USS Centris-A

UFoP SB 118 Academy

On StarDate 238901.16 Cadet 1st Class Tian was assigned as Tactical Officer for the duration of training on SB 118. Satisfactory completion of this training was required to earn the Ensign rank and to be assigned to the fleet. Cadet Tian performed well as Tactical Officer during a simulated crash of a shuttle on a "N" class moon. Despite injuries he suffered during the simulated crash, Tian gathered pertinent information which was valuable to the rest of the crew. Throughout the simulation he remained positive and upbeat. Hypothesizing unique premises and solutions, "thinking outside the box" as Terrans once use to say, was one of the cadets strengths.

Graduating from this final training is by no means an easy task. Many Star Fleet Academy Graduates fail this required training and do not make it to the fleet. Graduating Class 238901.23 started with seven Cadets and graduated three. Cadet Tian graduated on 238901.23 and promoted to ensign. He was assigned to the USS Discovery-C as an Intelligence Officer.

USS Discovery-C

Ensign Tian was assigned to the USS Discovery-C as an Intelligence Officer on StarDate 238901.23.

Personal and Professional Education

  1. 238101.26-238408.15: Aldebaran III School of Music: Click for Transcript
  2. 238501.20-238809.15: Star Fleet Academy : Click for Transcript

Personal Log Entries


  1. 238101.26: 1st Place, United Federation of Planets mok'bara Championionships (18 and under)
  2. 238211.04: 1st Place, Aldebaran III Music Competition, "Best original score"
  3. 238408.15: Forcas III Bat'leth Competition: Junior Championship Standing
  4. 238408.15: Graduated with Highest Honors: Aldebaran III School of Music
  5. 238809.15: Graduated Star Fleet Academy (Double Major: Intelligence, Science)
  6. 238901.23: Promoted to Ensign and assigned to USS Discovery-C as Intelligence Officer
  7. 238901.29: Appointed to Species Development Committee: Historian for Kerelian Race and Culture
  8. 238902.28: Species Development Committee: Historian for Efrosian & Deunublan Race and Culture
  9. 238904.06: Promoted to Lieutenant J.G., assigned to USS Discovery-C as Intelligence Officer
  10. 238906.18: Promoted to Chief of Intelligence, USS Discovery-C
  11. 238907.15: Promoted to Lieutenant, assigned to USS Discovery-C as Director of Intelligence