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USS Constitution-B
Max Harmon.jpg
Max Harmon
Position Franchise Owner and Barista- Brew Continuum
Rank Civilian
Species Human
Gender Male
DOB 235908.24
Age 41
Birthplace San Diego, California, Earth
Writer ID C239607RC0

Max Harmon is currently a Civilian Barista and Franchise Owner aboard the (USS Constitution-B).


  • Height: 6'0"
  • Weight: 170 lbs
  • Hair: Dirty Blond
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Build: Muscular and Athletic (Well defined)


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Max is everyone's friend. He is very down to Earth and just genuinely likes everyone. He is a very motivated individual, but he believes that instead of cutting people down to be on top, everyone should lift everyone up. He is a hard working, coffee loving go-getter who originally set out for the perfect cup of coffee and found himself owning a small coffee shop on a space ship. He wouldn't have it any other way though; because giving the crew a little extra pep in their step brings him more joy than anyone could have thought.

Aside for his love of coffee, he enjoys working with his hands and building things. He personally designed and constructed most of the coffee shop, though he is more technically impaired, needing help with the electrical and programming aspects of the project. He feels that if it isn't worth doing well or to the best of your ability, then it isn't worth doing at all and he also thinks that if you want something, you should put the effort into making it happen. He doesn't believe in letting others do his work for him. This is part of the reason he personally runs the shop.


Max was the popular kid in school who never figured out that he was popular. He just thought he was friends with everyone. He played several sports, preferring activity to sitting around all day, and made friends from most of the other schools that were the rivals. He was always the guy at the end of the game saying "good game" that actually meant it. He was there to have fun and never took it too seriously. In high school, he juggled early morning workouts with classes and after school practices for the entirety of the academic year; that's when he discovered coffee and earned the nickname 'Java Monster'.

When he graduated, he traveled around Earth in search of the best coffee, and decided he wasn't thinking far enough. He started trying visiting other Federation Planets and trying their versions of coffee or caffeinated beverages and stumbled upon Brew Continuum; he was hooked immediately. He isn't sure just how he found the Conny, but he's excited to call it home; for himself and his humble little coffee shop.

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