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Graham MacNeil
USS Mercury
Assistant Chief Engineer
Devoted Husband and Father
2347 238910.22
Dundee, Earth
Aged 42
Species Human
Gender Male
In Memoriam

Graham MacNeil was the assistant chief engineer of the USS Mercury. He was killed in action in late 2389.


  • Spouse: Anisha Chandrasekaran
  • Children: 1 daughter, 1 son


MacNeil was born in 2347 on Earth. He grew up in Scotland, only leaving in 2365 to attend Starfleet Academy. During a shore leave in 2371, he returned to his hometown of Dundee and met Anisha Chandrasekaran, whom he would later marry the following year. The couple started a family with the birth of their daughter Kyla shortly before the Dominion War broke out in late 2373. During the war, he served as a combat engineer aboard the USS Venture and USS Nautilus. It was aboard the Venture that he met and befriended Eitan Kadosh, a young Marine junior officer.

He returned to Earth after the war and worked at McKinley Station, which gave him a chance to stay close with his young family now living in Edinburgh. The couple welcomed a second child Navin in 2376. In the 2380s, he worked at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards and was reunited with Kadosh, who was now a Marine instructor living in the Martian Colonies with his wife Kathryn and their three children. Over the next several years, the MacNeil and Kadosh families grew close to one another, and the wives and children continued to socialize with one another after MacNeil was reassigned back to starship duty in 2388 and Kadosh a year later. By 2389, MacNeil was assistant chief engineer of the USS Mercury, the most advanced starship he had served aboard during his career.

On the morning of SD 238910.22, he had just met his new department chief Roshanara Rahman and was showing her around Main Engineering when the new chief engineer noticed a foreign device planted on the warp core. It was quickly discovered that the device was an explosive, and Rahman ordered everyone to evacuate and MacNeil to raise the containment field around the warp core and shut down the core itself. Soon after, however, the device, along with several other explosives spread throughout Main Engineering, detonated, killing numerous engineers still in the engine room.

MacNeil himself died at his post, but his final actions likely prevented the destruction of the ship. He was survived by his wife and children, Kyla and Navin, who were sixteen and thirteen years old at the time respectively.

Noteworthy SIM

Memorable Quotes

Rahman: "Actually, lieutenant, although I understand it is Starfleet protocol, I would prefer not to be addressed as 'sir.'"
MacNeil: "Oh, my apologies, ma'am."
Rahman: "It's all right. You're not the first..."
MacNeil: ::smiles:: "The department was actually a bit lackin' in gender diversity before the recent transfers from StarBase 118."
Rahman: "No explanation needed. So, why don't you give me a brief overview of how you've been running things down here, especially in regards to any changes from the original specifications?"
MacNeil: "Aye, s- ...commander. ::clears throat:: I promise I'll work on that."

–MacNeil greets his new chief, Roshanara Rahman, SD 238910.22

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